5 Free WhatsApp Alternative Apps In 2019


5 best whatsapp alternative apps

WhatsApp is considered the most downloaded and used app in the world, but that does not mean it is the best and the safest of all. For this reason, we have compiled a compilation with 5 of the best WhatsApp alternative apps. Here are the highlights of each tool.

#1 Telegram

telegram, the best whatsapp alternative app

We find the direct rival to WhatsApp: Telegram, one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp that you can find thanks to its multiple options, number of users (today has more than 200 million users) and security. Although it is usually used by professionals in the technological area and other curious people in the geek world, the application has gained an important share of downloads. Thanks to which you can chat, play, download music and much more.

#2 Line

line, the best whatsapp alternative app

This app had its best times a few years ago when it was the direct competition of WhatsApp. Although to this day, it is still widely used around the world with more than 500 million downloads, mostly in Asian countries such as China, Japan, etc. As for its distinguished features, Line has a very interesting world of stickers, which are original from the same company and are not available for other applications. It has all the modern features. Like the previous one, it can be downloaded at zero cost.

#3 Viber

viber, the best whatsapp alternative app

Like Telegram and Line, Viber can be one of your best options when choosing a messaging app, and here are the most important reasons: it has the possibility of having video calls of up to 5 people, recently incorporated a cleaner, allows group chats of up to 250 people and many other things. Viber is one of the oldest messaging apps on Google Play and therefore it is still another recommended option in case WhatsApp no longer feels like it.

#4 Signal

signal, the best whatsapp alternative app

You probably have not listened about this app, but you should keep it in mind because, as a summary, Signal’s strong point is basically it’s private and ultra-secure messaging. It has been recommended by Edward Snowden himself, one of the great masters in the world of cybersecurity. If we talk about privacy, Signal is one of your best alternatives, thanks to security audits in encryption protocols. Like Telegram, this app is open source and available for free.

#5 Wechat

wechat, the best whatsapp alternative app

Last but not least, one of the renowned instant messaging apps, WeChat. In conjunction with Line, this app has its largest number of users in Asia, although it is no less true that lately, it has been gaining ground in some countries. We can call it as Chinese WhatsApp. In terms of messaging, calls and video calls, WeChat has very common functions, but this compensates in other aspects, such as the possibility of having mini-games within the same app, stories called “time capsules”, real-time location and much more.


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