An iPhone XS Max Supposedly Exploded Into A Fireball While In A Man’s Back Pocket


In recent times the news of mobile phones getting burst is in news instead of fire crackers and this time iPhone XS Max is making rounds on social media recently as iPhone XS Max was reportadley exploded in Josh Hillard pants who is Ohio resident’s and it caught fire suddenly.


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Josh got some smell of fire from his pocket when he was out for lunch and then iPhone XS Max got burst Well, this is really shocking and a life threat to everyone who buy such expensive smartphones.  He also felt large amount of hear and also noticed green and yellow smoke coming from his iPhone XS Max which was in his pocket.

As soon as fire started coming out of his pants, A VP of his company used fire extinguishser to cut off the fire because he heard hillard yelling. Also one surprising thing was that once the fire was gone, You could see a hole in his pants along with some chemicals coming out from the phone which was also stuck on the pants and fallen on the shoes.

Later on Hillard took the burnt iPhone to the nearest Apple Store to have a look at it. He as offered a new phone as replacement but he refused to take it unless he could keep the damaged and buend piece with him. We don’t know if he wanted to keep the phone as proof for lasw suite evidence or as a souvernir is still unclear but Apple care support team provided him a fress ne iPhone after seeing photographic proof of the damaged phone.

An iPhone XS Max Supposedly Exploded Into A Fireball While In A Man's Back Pocket

It seems he has refused to back down and insisted that Apple need to reimburse his for the loss of his pants the chemicals which ruined his shoes.

It is also said that Hillard was carrying the iPhone in his rear pocket and he sat down really hard not thinking about what will happen to the iPhone XS and it suddenly burst because of it getting bent too hard.

This might be some sort of an accident which happened while sitting down on the chair. So it is now advisable not to keep your iPhone in your back pocket if you want to sit down on a chair or floor. You will for sure break your Phone if it doesn’t catch fire.

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