Android Messages on the Web’s Desktop Site is Now Live


In late April, Google had revealed about it’s plan for turning Android Messages into something similar like iMessage. Now that the world has noticed about this, Goone has made the feature official and also revealed few new tweaks.

Similar to the way Whatsapp work on the way for users, Android messages users will be able to browse to to a website on their computer, scan QR code to confirm and then will be able to read, receive and send text messages.

Currently only the website is live, Google said it is expected that Androd messages for web will go live over the next week, which means users can accept a slow rollout on the new feature. Currently this feeling of waiting for the Android Message to go live is very tricky as we are impatient to use it just like you guys, But we can’t help it, this is how google rolls it’s update.

The new feature Android Messages will surely give you power to send and receive text from your computer, According to Google, this was one of the top most feature users were requesting for.

Currently you will be able to access just the website but nothing works beyond the screenshot as shown below. This suggest that Google will take some time to roll out this update.

Android Messages

The Android Messages will be integrated with Google Assistant and while offering the Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS), It will make Android a strong competitor to iMessages.

Google has been working with many phone providers for the all new chat service which will definately replace the SMS and now Android users will finally enjoy messaging service.

Do you think this feature will be as good as the iMessage?

Comment down about what do you thing about Android Messages and it’s new updates/features.

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