Apple Is Going To Lauch Phone-to-Phone Augmented Reality for Greater Privacy


According to a new report, it is said that Apple will be launching a new tool which will let two iPhone users share augmented reality while limiting the personal data sent to its servers.

The Augmented reality or AR basically allows the users to see virtual structures of a users surroundings via their smartphones or other devices. This is the same technology that we have earlier seen on the popular mobile game called Pokemon Go. However this has also raised a privacy concern, according to the developers “if AR apps become commonplace, people will be scanning their homes and other personal spaces routinely.”

However to fight against these privacy concerns, Apple has designed it’s two player system which will work phone to phone. Also this is something that never done before and it is making the technology different from Google.

Apple Is Going To Lauch Phone-to-Phone Augmented Reality for Greater Privacy

Also with the release of AR, Apple is making sure that the AR option reaches to every phone without any modifications. If we talk about Google’s AI, well Google needs special sensors to make the feature work. But it seems like Apple do not need those types of special sensors.

Also, the other difference is that Apple’s technology avoids storing raw mapping data on their server. Where Google takes seven days to discard the raw data.

However, according to a person involved Google’s AR project said that “But a phone-to-phone approach could eventually run into technical limitations. It could end up being harder to handle three or more players at a time if a player who started the game drops out.”

Overall, it is going to be a race between tech giants Google and Apple, and the race would be a never ending one. But in the recent times, we could say that Apple is the winner in AR technology as of now. However to get more details about the AR project we need to wait for a day or two. As Apple WWDC is starting from this Monday.

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