Apple Unveiled A New Radical Change For iPhone XI


iPhone XI with new camera feature

In recent years, the best leaks on the Internet about the next iPhone came “by mistake” from Apple, and that happened too much to be a coincidence. What is Apple now preparing for iPhone XI?

Currently, iPhone sales are shrinking, and Apple is looking to spur some people with revelations about the company’s next phone. Apple filed an invention patent detailing how the new iPhone will be able to take a picture without you clicking on the camera button. Moreover, the hardware required to do this has already been confirmed by Apple in the new iPhone in 2019.

Practically, this new feature works by detecting the user’s movement when he picks up his iPhone at the eye level, then scans a subject in the immediate locality. If both criteria are met, the camera opens automatically and you can take the picture. For some, it might seem like magic, and for others, it could be just an invasive tactic on user privacy. To view all photos, unlock your phone.

Motion detection will be done using the accelerometer found in the iPhone, while subject detection is done with a proximity sensor. At this point, the iPhone has short-range proximity sensors (for portrait and face recognition), but Sony has unveiled a 3D remote sensing camera and confirmed a partnership with Apple.

It’s a new technology that could cause iPhone users to buy the new model. Right, not everyone will be delighted by an iPhone that can automatically open the camera, but it will be a subject of discussion.

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