The Best Android Games Currently Available In 2020


Are you searching for Best Android Games? Well, As you know Android gives you a wide range of games that you can have in your Smartphones and make your time pass interesting. Here are some Android games that make your head go round and beware of getting addicted to them. These are:

The Best Android Games Currently Available In 2020

best android games


jydge game

Well, all the shooting-game lovers consider this game as a big gift for them. It is a game of violent nature, whereby you are the ‘JYDGE’ and you are out there in the field doing Robocop like activities. JYDGE is actually a cybernetic enforcement officer who uses his gavel to complete the challenges. It has a non-repeating soundtrack that keeps you all the way more engaged.

2) PUBG Mobile:

pubg mobile anroid game

It is a game where you are taken to a field consisting of 100 players. You can play solo or be a part of a team. The field is filled with weapons, vehicles, ammo, tactical gear, etc. With the help of these you have to win by being the only one at the end of the battle, which is, surviving the battle. PUBG gives you almost the same experience as you would get in a PC. All in one, it is a blast to play it in on your Smartphone.

3) Stranger Things:

stranger things mobile game

The game For all the fans of Netflix’s show Stranger Things out there, it is a treat for their gaming aura. Not only for the followers but also for all the gamers, in general, it has an interesting plot just like the show. It presents the entire town oh Hawkins along with all the characters. You can switch between characters leading to complex puzzles. Though it has been a way of promotion for the second season, the game has gained enough popularity.

4) Pokémon Go:

pokemon go

It gained a lot of popularity in the initial stage of its launch in the gaming world. The game is a successor to ‘Ingress’. It uses the camera of your phone to create a Pokémon – themed virtual reality. Players have to find the Pokémon appearing on the phone through the camera’s lens as they move about in different locations.

5) Minecraft (Pocket Edition):

Minecraft (Pocket Addition)

It presents a giant world before you where you can dig and my stuff, build up, and beat up the bad guys. You need to mine your own resources and food. It has a creative mode that helps you create almost everything.

6) Monument valley

Monument valley

The game is back with its second version. The player makes the adventurous journey through Escher-style puzzles where the levels are movable to complete the path using the illusions.

7) Riptide GP series:

Ripetide GP series

The game series is said to give you the best experience in the racing world. The latest one is the Riptide GP Renegade. You will be a player who has been caught while illegally racing through the streets. You have to then battle and make your way to the top from there.

8) The War Of Mine:

It is a game of very different model. Instead of killing action, the game tends to heal actions. You have to lead a city that has been wrecked and torn apart by war. The tasks that you have to perform are pretty difficult and may result in heart-wrenching results.

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