Top 10 Best AntiVirus for Android Smartphones & Tablets in 2019


Best AntiVirus for Android Smartphone and Tablets : Well, Everyone knows Android is currently the most widely used operating system in mobiles. Android is a product of Google, and due to its popularity among the people, it is constantly targeted by malware attacks. This point might be not good for your ears, but you should know that your smartphones are vulnerable. If you are wondering about the customization feature in Android, then the feature is good and for this feature, they have got an open platform.

As a result, they can easily get hack. Android often have got many security vulnerabilities for which security patches are released to fix these issues. As per a report by ZDNet, it said that some apps could capture all the information about the smartphone user. These types of apps usually track your activities and as a result of some sensitive information also may get leaked to the outside world.

Top 10 Best AntiVirus Android Smartphone

best antivirus for android

We have collected list of best antivirus for android so that you can feel safe from cyber attacks and When you go for browsing, you may get some viruses from the unauthorized sites. To tackle these types of sites and other viruses that one may get while browsing some online sites, antivirus must be installed in your smartphone. Antivirus helps to secure your smartphone by scanning all the files on your smartphone and notify you about the apps or viruses that may be present in your phone.

Are these really the best antivirus for Android? Checkout yourself!

When one install antivirus in the smartphone, then it not only protect the phone from vulnerabilities but also provides some other features for you. These features include anti-theft controls. In anti-theft controls, one can track the misplaced phones and can also delete the data or can lock the phone manually. Then they too provide blacklist facilities.

In this, you can filter the messages and calls from unknown callers. Other than this, these apps too got the ability to alert the user about the dangerous Wi-Fi network or any sites. Many companies build antivirus programs for your smartphone. But from them below are the top 10 best antivirus for android that one can able to install in their phone.

1) Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security best antivirus for android

The size of this application is about 20M. This security helps your phone to protect against malware as well as viruses. They also give you other security features like to track your phone, lock your phone manually, delete the data from your phone and allow you to have a safe browsing experience. The Bitdefender app is available for free, but if you want to go for the premium version of this app, then you buy it for $14.99 for one year.

2) Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

The size of the application is about 28M. As per a survey, it said that this application is installed over 100 million times. This is because this app provides safety and security in a better manner and helps in securing your valuable data. The app provides real-time scanning as well as on-demand security scanning.

The app also helps in checking the Wi-Fi connection security and give you report about the safety of that network. This app includes the app lock feature with anti-theft, blocklist, RAM boost, firewall, and a VPN. The app version is free, but you can buy it for $2.99 per month.

3) Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security


Norton security app size is about 26M. This brand is one of the old and well-known brands when it comes to the antivirus industry. It provides features to notify you about spyware, malware, and other viruses. The app can scan the Wi-Fi network and can give you a report about its security. The other feature that one can avail from this app is to block SPAM calls and messages. This version is available for free, and you can buy the premium version at just $22 per year.

4) McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security

The size of this application is about 21M. In McAfee security app, one can go for various things. You can able to scan for malicious code, ARP spoofing attacks, and risky websites. Apart from this, you can also remove some unwanted files, monitor data usage and helps in boosting the battery. They too help in blocking the unwanted calls and provides anti-theft features for your phone. This app is easily available, but if you want to try its premium version, then you have to spend $29.99 per year.

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5) Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

When it comes to the antivirus, Kaspersky is said to be the leader among them. The application provides security to your phone from harmful malware, Trojans as well as other viruses. The app to provides an anti-phishing feature which helps in keeping your financial data safe from hackers. The application too provides the feature like blocking calls and messages, lock the apps manually and many more. The size of the application varies, but the premium version is available at $14.95 per year.

6) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for android

Malwarebytes is on our our favourite in the list and also the best antivirus for android. This app protects your phone from various malware attacks. The app too provides real-time security by protecting, conducts privacy audits on apps, tracks the apps who monitors your location and calls. The app can also help in phishing the URLs for you. The size of this app varies as per models. But if you want to avail the full feature of this app then go for $1.49 per month offer.

7) Sophos Antivirus And Security

Sophos Antivirus And Security for android

This app size varies as per the device. This app can identify all the malicious or suspected content. The app too provides features like anti-theft, blocklists, and protect the apps from malicious attacks. This app has got no premium version so you can enjoy all these features in its free version.

8) Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus for android

Trend Micro is the best antivirus for android and this app helps in scanning the new apps for the malware and also prevents the newly installed apps from accessing the program. This app provides a free 7-day trial of its premium features. You can enjoy all these features by going for its premium version.

9) AhnLab V3 Mobile Security


AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

This app has got high detection rates when it comes to Android malware. This was said after an AV-Test which was run on some old Android devices. The app provides features like a hidden gallery, anti-theft features and many other. You can enjoy all this feature by buying its premium feature.

10) Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus Security for android

This antivirus application helps in scanning the downloaded files and content that are present in the phone as well as on memory card. The app too provides the features like safeguard and notifies you about the data breaches. If you want to enjoy the whole feature of antivirus, then go for its premium version.

These are the top 10 best antivirus for android that are currently available on Google Play store, or you can even download them from their respective official websites.

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We hope all you doubts about best antivirus for android has been solved and you are now able to run a virus free phone. Using antivirus in your computer will not only help you run you phone faster but also all your data will be safe and your smartphone will not get hacked.

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