Best Dating App 2019: Free Online Apps For Relationships, Love And Affair


Best Dating App 2019 : People now a days are slightly skeptical about using a dating app, but not everyone is surrounded by amazing people who they vibe with. And trust us, there is no better way to look out for a date than by using these dating apps. Some of them are really good, enough that people have actually married the people who they met through this.

6 Best Dating App in 2019

best dating apps

Here is a list of some of the best dating apps of this year, and all of them bring something unique to the table.

1) Tinder

Tinder is obviously the most famous dating app that almost everybody knows about. It is not only pretty successful in forming successful relationships, but also helps you meet amazing people since almost everyone in the single world in on this app so you have a variety of choices. In this you just have to be older than 18, and you have to set up a nice little description about yourself. 6 images is what they ask for. All you have to do is swipe left or right depending on whether you like this person or not as per their picture and description.

The app is very seamless, and the process is simple. In terms of usability, Tinder ranks pretty well. And since a lot of people actually use this one to meet new people, it’s actually easier to find someone who lives close by to you.

2) OK Cupid

The second biggest name in the dating world is OK Cupid. The difference in this is that you need to fill out some information about you which will help the app find you similar kind of people as you. Answering questions will even give you a percentile score and that would help you reflect your compatibility towards other people. The best part is that users can see who has liked them if they upgrade themselves to the A-list status. The drawback here is that the interface is not that nice and the photos are pretty small. And the worst thing is that anybody is able to message you on this.

3) Coffee Meets Bagel

In this, you can just login through your Facebook account and once you do this, you would be getting a few bagels every day. This bagel is actually the profile of your potential match. The different part about this is that you would have 24 hours to decide whether you want to pass this or like them back. Similar to other such apps, you’ll connect if you like them back but the chat room which opens expires after 8 days so you better be quick.

Why this is one of the good ones is because you can also put in more specific preferences like ethnicity, religious beliefs etc which would help one connect better. Not only is the interface user friendly, but you can also upload large pictures here.

4) Hinge

This is pretty similar to Tinder but if we judge in terms of interface, then this wins the cake. The questions are also much more apt and less time-consuming. In case you’re not matched, people are not allowed to message which is a good feature. And the best part in this is that it links you to friends of friends so people are more comfortable using it.

The only drawback is that due to friends of friends’ connection, one is possible to run out of matches pretty soon.

5) Raya

This app stand out from the rest of them as its not only for dating, but one can also use it for networking, as it caters to people from the creative industries more. The process is also tuff, and you need to complete an entire application which will then be evaluated by an anonymous committee. And not only that, there also is a membership fees in this.

6) Bumble

Lastly, lets talk about Bumble which is relatively new in the market. The best part in this app is when two people match, the women needs to text first and that too within a span of a day. And in case of same gender matches, either one can message first. The app is designed keeping in mind women first and that makes it all the more likable.

The 24-hour time limit to connect just adds on a slight bit of pressure for you to message the other person.

So, in short these are the best dating apps for this year, so all those people who are single out there, download any one of them according to your needs and go ahead to make this your year in love.

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