5 best iOS emulator for Android To Run iOS Apps on Android


Searching for best iOS emulator for Android? Well, as you know Android Smartphones gives the freedom to their users but on the other hand, iOS gives the safest environment to their Users. Here in this article, I am sharing 5 best iOS emulators for Android Smartphone so that you can enjoy all the features of iOS on an Android Smartphone. I have selected the best smartphone iOS emulators so that you get complete satisfaction of the emulator without any trouble.

Before proceeding towards the list of best iOS emulators for Android, it is important for you to have a look over the use of an iOS emulator. You must be familiar with all the faces of emulators so that you can avoid any sort of confusion while using the iOS emulator.

What is an iOS emulator for Android?

iOS emulator for Android

Emulators are mainly created to gives the experience of a different environment on a completely different platform. Surely you are familiar with launcher and themes, Emulators are somewhere related to these launchers and themes but have some difference too. Emulators basically create a whole different environment through which you can install some other platform’s Apps. Emulators develop a different interface as well as a different operating system that works virtually on your current system.

Emulators might slow down your System as the newly created operating system will force the current operating system to share some amount of internal storage as well as the RAM. I hope now you are familiar with an Emulator.

Talking about iOS emulators then these will create a different operating system that will look appear similar to that on iOS devices. Let’s say you are about to install the iOS emulator on your Android device then through the emulator, your Android Device will look as well as perform to an iPhone. You can install iOS apps, perform all operation on your Android Device that you can perform on an iPhone.

5 best iOS emulators for Android

Now, let’s have a look over the,

1) Cider

cider run apple apps on android

Cider is the best iOS emulator for Your Android device if you want a bug free experience. Through CIDER you can easily install iOS applications and games on your Android Device. Apart from this, you can enjoy all the basic functions of the iOS operating system on your Android Device.

Most of the developers who are into iOS app development use CIDER emulator to try and test their developed iOS application on Android Smartphone.

Since CIDER is a free emulator and it doesn’t have any in-app purchase thus, you can give it a try just for playing some iOS apps. It will give you an idea about the iOS interface.


If you have heard of Padiod earlier then let me tell you that Padiod is an older name of IEMU. We have placed on IEMU emulator on the second place in our List of Best iOS emulator that you can try. IEMU emulator has the ability to run all the basic applications of iOS for free. This emulator works perfects on un-rooted as well as rooted devices.

Everything works fine on the IEMU emulator but it consumes a lot of system memory as a result smartphone gets slower. Apart from this, IEMUI emulator supports .zip and .ipas files too whereas CIDER emulator doesn’t support these files.

3) All in One iOS

As the name indicated, All in One iOS is a very basic Emulator that performs pretty well but lags in terms of UI. All in One iOS has one great feature that other Emulator barely offers, it supports Apple’s assistance “Siri”. You can use All in One iOS emulator to download paid iOS apps for free thus a great trick if you want to enjoy paid services of Apple for Free.

You get the Official Music App of iOS devices in built with the All in One iOS Emulator. Not only the music application but also the official camera comes inbuilt with the Emulator.


APPETIZE is a Web-Based iOS emulator for Android Devices. APPETIZE.IO is the best iOS emulator if you want a light and stunning User Interface. In order to use the APPETIZE.IO you need not root your Android Device, you can simply use the APEETIZE emulator on any device.

It is a cloud-based emulator that is available for Windows and Mac PC. This emulator is for those who have limited space on their Android Smartphone.


Another great emulator for Android is IOSEMUS. You can easily install all your desired iOS applications or games on your Android Smartphone. Applications that are listening in the IOSEMUS emulator are arranged on the basis of their category.

Not only adults, but children can also easily navigate in IOSEMUS. As mentioned above, through IOSEMUS can also download paid apps and games for free.


So, these were 5 best iOS emulators for Android devices. With these emulators, you can install iOS applications on your Android Smartphones. If you want us to add or eliminate some of the emulators then do let me know in the comment section below. If you appreciate our efforts then quickly share this piece of information with your friends and colleagues.

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