Top 10 Best Selfie Apps for Android and iOS


Searching for Best Selfie Apps? Well,  People use their smartphones for a lot of things, but something that everyone likes to do in their free time is to take selfies. However, just using your boring camera can get old fast. You want to take pictures which will be perfect for your social media profiles, and your normal camera cannot offer you all the features that you need. Thankfully, there are more than enough options on the App Store as well as the play store to help you. Let us take a look at some of the best selfie apps for Android and iOS:

Top 10 Best Selfie Apps for Android and iOS

Best Selfie Apps for Android

1) Candy Camera:

This is one of the top-rated and best selfie apps on the Google Play Store. It is packed full of features that make taking the best selfie easier. The app features hundreds of filters and even has a silent camera option which allows you to be able to take selfies in public without attracting too much attention to yourself. It also allows users to make free video calls to other users and has a ton of real-time filter option for video calls as well With this app you can add stickers to your images, and even make collages. The app is lightweight, yet packed with helpful features which help your pictures come out beautifully.

2) Retrica:

This is perhaps the selfie app which started it all. It has still retained its magic and has tons of well-loved filters that you can use to make your selfies even better. You can adjust problems of brightness and lighting so that no matter where you are, your selfies still look amazing. The app features 100s of stickers and even more options for real-time filters. With this application, you also have the option of recording gifs and videos with filters on them. You can also doodle on your pictures to give them a personal touch. Even though it has tons of filters and features, it is not complicated and provides ease of use to the user.

3) Photo Editor by Aviary:

This application is more useful if you want to tweak your selfies afterward. It has features that help you add light and shadows as well as perfect any imperfections. This tool allows you to add filters, stickers, and text to your pictures to help transform them completely.

4) A Color Story:

Brighten up your selfies with the help of this app. It has over 100 filter and 40 effects that help you add a touch of vibrancy t your selfies. Although some of the features are accessible only to the premium users, this application has more than enough features to satisfy your needs. You can batch edit selfies, and even customize and save your filters for future use.

5) Sweet Selfie:

This selfie app offers you all of the features that you need to take the perfect selfie and more. It allows you to choose from a wide range of options, and also offers tons of after effect options such as blurring and teeth whitening. This app has all the tools that you need to make your picture perfect in one place.

6) Cymera:

Your pictures will be social media ready with the help of this application. It has amazing face recognition, face touch-up, no-crop as well as collage mode which makes it easy for you to be able to quickly upload your pictures to any social media that you desire. It has over 130 filters and even has a silent camera feature to help you take as many selfies in public as you desire. You can also use this application as an editor to edit older pictures that you already have stored on your phone.

7) Camera360:

This is a Chinese application that has gained worldwide recognition because of its amazing features. It is an interactive application that makes taking selfies. It comes up with different selfie challenges every day and allows you to add 3d stickers and gifs to your selfies. You can browse through the extensive filter collection that this application offers, and can even choose options from beauty & makeup mode. I order to access its full features you will need to sign in to the app, but the experience is worth it.

8) Halide:

This is a premium application, but it is definitely worth the money you shell out. This application is better suited for those who want to take their time capturing a beautiful photo. You can use the selfie features such as portrait and beauty mode to help add more glamour to your selfies. The application also supports RAW image support if you are on those people who like to spend their time editing images manually. This application is perfect for those who are willing to take the time and energy required to capture the perfect shot.

9) FaceTune:

If you have not heard of Facetune, the chances are that you have been living under a rock until this moment. This app is trendy among iPhone users, and it allows them to be able to edit their pictures and beautify their appearance as much as they want. It allows you to fix any imperfection in the picture, and adjust for light and shadows to help you ensure that you have a vibrant picture to show all your friends.

10) Youcam Perfect:

Although this application may not have as many real-time filters as other application on the list, its post image editor more than makes up for t, You can beautify, reshape as well as stylise your selfies, and chose from tons of different options to edit your selfie. This application is perfect for those who love taking selfies and want to have access to more options. This app also features of a selfie app as well as an image editor which people prefer as they have all the tools that they need to get a perfect picture in one place.

These applications will help make your selfie experience a lot smoother. Get started with these applications and have a new picture to post on your social media every day.

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We hope you loved our collection of Best Selfie Apps for Android and iOS. Kindly comment below if you know more better selfie apps which we have not included in the list.

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