10 Best Spotify Alternatives for Music Streaming in Android & iOS


Searching for best Spotify alternatives? Music is the universal language which can be understood by everyone. Irrespective of the language of a song, the groove and the beats of a song can be understood by everyone and can bring joy to anyone even when an individual cannot comprehend a particular language. Also, music can be therapeutic. Depending on the nature of the song, it can set the proper mood in accordance to what or how you are feeling. Music can provide you with an escape from the monotony of life. This enormous power of music makes it a force to be reckoned with.

10 Best Spotify Alternatives : Apps Like Spotify

spotify alternatives

Often, you’ll find that the lyrics have beautifully described how you are feeling while you were unable to do it by yourself. To propagate the love for music, Spotify was released in India very recently. It is one most popular music apps out there. However, it is new in India; thus, the music catalog is still limited, and it is continuously being updated. However, you should not worry, as they are plenty of good Spotify alternatives. We have shared a complete guide on how to download Spotify Premium Apk and listen to your favourite music for free.

1) Gaana

gaana spotify alternaitves

Gaana is one of the popular Indian Music apps. It is a great app to listen to Hindi songs mainly. However, it does sport English songs and songs in other languages. The simple yet intuitive user interface of the app makes it very user-friendly. You can use it for free if you have a good internet connection and constantly stream your music. However, in order to download the songs so that you can listen to it later, you need to upgrade to the premium paid version of Gaana Plus.

2) Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This music app by Google is a gem. It offers you a two-week free trial to try out the app. This app contains the rarest of songs and can satisfy any music purists. You can get songs of all languages and also sports the most obscure songs which are otherwise difficult to find. However, after the trial period is over it requires a monthly subscription. Despite having a monthly subscription system, the subscription fees are very affordable and very reasonable. It offers a simple user interface with its inbuilt equaliser to customise your music experience.

3) Amazon Music

Amazon Music spotify alternatives

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy Amazon Music. This benefit comes in a package. Not only do you get to enjoy Amazon Music but also enjoy the perks of being a Prime Member, that is, Prime deals, Prime delivery, and Prime video. Amazon Music offers a sleep user interface which is fun to use. It also has magnificent music library to keep most music lovers hooked. Some obscure music can be found here when you can’t find it anywhere else.

4) Saavn

Saavn music

Is another popular Indian music streaming service. It is primarily good for Hindi and regional songs. It hosts some features; however, it is more polished for the IOS. It boasts of acquiring rights of over 45 million tracks in 15 languages. All the essential features of the app can be enjoyed for free, however, for the premium features such as downloading music and better music quality you need to get a subscription.

5) YouTube Music

YouTube Music

This app is currently available in a few countries only, and it is already considered to be a serious contender to Spotify. It makes use of Google Artificial Intelligence to stream music tailored to your taste. The free version suffers from the occasional ad pop-ups, and you cannot turn off your screen while listening to music which is a downer. This issue is sure to get resolved with subsequent updates. These issues are solved with the paid version of the app, however.

6) Apple Music

Apple Music

It offers a considerable library along with an attractive user interface. If you have an iPhone, then Apple Music may be considered superior to Spotify as well. You can also watch music videos and also listen to live radio stations. It arguably provides with one of the best music quality. However, Apple Music is only available through iTunes which is a significant downside.

7) Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

This app is also available in select countries, and it is different than the traditional music app. It is more like a custom radio station where you can create “stations” based on music genres and styles. It is the gold standard for online radio and is a must-have for those who are not picky about what they hear next making the steep subscription worth the buck.

8) Deezer


Deezer can be considered a near identical copy of Spotify. It will suggest you music based on the profile you create. It is a good alternative for those who don’t want to sign up for Apple or Google services. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to a Spotify-like experience.

9) Tidal


This streaming service was started by the famous rapper Jay-Z himself. It is perhaps the only streaming service to provide losslessly compressed audio making it an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to sacrifice audio quality. Due to this feature, the price of the subscription is significantly steeper. To compensate for the high rate, the app provides with the early release of popular music.

10) Tunebash

Tunebash spotify alternatives

It a new streaming service that has come up in the block with which you can stream both Indian and International music without a hassle. It hosts an intuitive user interface. With its features, it can quickly go ahead of its competitors. You can use Wifi and mobile data to stream music endlessly without breaking continuity.

We have share full guide on how to get Spotify++ for free on your iPhone and Android device with all premium features for free.

Conclusion on Spotify Alternatives

With so many great music apps, it is difficult to choose your personal favourite. Everyone is picky about their music, and it is something one should not meddle with. Music makes an essential part of an individual’s life. It can give life the meaning one desired so much. With so much depth in music, no wonder people are always in the search for the music app which is ideally suited for their needs.

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We hope you liked our collection of best Spotify Alternatives. Kindly comment below if you have any more apps like Spotify then kindly comment below. We will be happy to add it in the list.

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