How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card


Searching for How Create Apple ID Without Credit Card? Using an Apple device but not able to create an account? Device asking for card details? But now this problem can be easily solved. Excited to know how? Here you will find it. In order to use iTunes store or App store you need to have an apple id that connects you with its app store and allows you to download various applications that you want to use and as some applications are paid, you need to pay a particular amount if you want to use them.

But before we took you the procedure to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card, let’s see what Apple Id actually is and how it functions.

What is an Apple Id?

create Apple ID without credit card

Whenever you setup your iPhone for the very first time, you will be asked to create a separate email Id so that apple can recognize you. An apple id is basically your unique user name that you can use whenever you want to take the advantage of Apple services such as shopping from iTunes store, using iCloud and more.

How to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

Considering the steps of how to make an apple id if you don’t have a credit card, it can be easily done via iTunes and for doing that all you need to do is follow these 9 steps below. Remember that you need to follow these steps in your browser:

1) Go to iTunes and open the iTunes store in your browser.

2) When the store will open in your browser you will be able to see a new window popup. You need to click on the option “Create Apple ID” located at the bottom.

3) After clicking on that option another window will open, you need to click on the “continue” button located at bottom right.

4) Review the user management that is displayed on the next screen.

5) Carefully read what is written in the review management and once you are done with the reading click on the “Agree” button. In this section you will be asked to fill all your details so make sure you are entering the accurate details and create a strong password.

6) After entering your details you need to answer 3 safety questions. These 3 security questions will give your device an extra protection so if in case someone steal your phone, they will not ab able to access it in any case.

7) Answer the security questions and click on the “continue” button.

8) After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the payment page where you need to click on “NONE” because you are creating an apple Id without a credit card.

9) And the process is completed here. Your apple id is created. You will receive an email for the verification. Confirm the verification and start using the apple store and iTunes store.

Following the above process you can easily create an apple Id without credit card.

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