Was The Facebook 10 Year Challenge A Way To Mine Data For Facial Recognition AI?


Facebook 10 Year Challenge is all over the internet, specially you can see millions of #10yearchallenge on the Instagram platform. But do you know how it started and what was its actual name? Last week this challenge got viral over the internet when people started posting their photographs of 10 years ago comparing it with the latest photographs. Previously the original caption was “how did aging effect you”? which is now being known by the name of 10-year challenge.

facebook 10 year challange

According to the assumptions, it is reported that the main motto behind starting this challenge by Facebook was to use the pictures for the facial recognition purpose but when asked to the social media lovers, they said that it has no connection with the artificial intelligence because Facebook already had the privilege and access to their pictures.

But in return the writer for Wired named “Kate O’Neil” said that this challenge is beneficial for Facebook as it gives the platform an opportunity to have your clearer version. But later on, when asked about this to Facebook, they denied the fact that they were having any hands behind this viral challenge. They told to sources that it is an user-generated meme that suddenly went viral and it has no connection with Facebook.

A professor working in the NYU whose name is “Amy Webb” has told that for the machine learning purpose this challenge is perfect and can be used in a very effective manner.

As we all know, in the coming future artificial intelligence is going to rule the world and we have already seen a massive growth in the technology world, let’s hope for the best and see what Facebook or any other social media platform is going to make use of this 10-year challenge. If something productive is going to come up from this challenge then it’s well and good otherwise people will keep enjoying the viral challenge for few weeks then something else with replace it.

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