Facebook To Shut Down ‘Trending’ News Section In Favor Of Breaking News Test


On Friday, Facebook said that they would remove “trending” topics news section from the next week and in its place, they will introduce a new label “breaking news” for the posts. Even the trending label is the significant target of criticism for the company in past.

Facebook’s head of news products, Alex Hardiman said that this feature is available in five countries and estimated only for an average of 1.5{3c4c5e7421a34477a0592df1cde9a3664383218adb12bb628282011a1d15176c} of clicks to a media outlets page. Hardiman wrote in a post that, “From research, we found that over time people found the product to be less and less useful.”

The company rather said it would explore a new project related to news that let publishers include a label of “breaking news” on their post in a news feed of Facebook. At present they are testing the new label with 80 publishers across India, South America, North America, Europe, and Australia.

As per Hardiman, Facebook will be planning to introduce a new section of on-demand video service, which will show daily news announcements, weekly deep dives and live coverage.

According to the Pew Research Center, in the last several years, the world’s biggest social media platform has become an influencing force for broadcasted news, and about 44{3c4c5e7421a34477a0592df1cde9a3664383218adb12bb628282011a1d15176c} of adults in America get their news over Facebook.

How the platform addressed its role as a news communicator has sparked substantial objection across some different groups.

Conservatives have often accused Facebook of being biased against them, interrogating Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg on the issue in an April hearing. Others said that the company is not doing enough to stop the spreading of “fake news” across its site.

So to criticise people, the “trending” topics section had become a focal point, and company tried to solidify this by removing human reviewers. It addressed fake news citations by adding new labels and working with third-party groups to review the integrity of stories posted on the site.

But all the problem will be solved from next week after the removal of “trending” topic and the addition of “breaking news.”

Let ‘s see what people can do with the new tab? Share your views also!

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