Finally….Apple Is Working On Foldable iPhone


Apple Foldable iPhone

Folding phones are the future – and also the present – of the smartphone market. The major manufacturers are working hard to launch their first folding smartphones and although Samsung has been the first with its Galaxy Fold, the rest follow closely.

It seems that Apple would not want to be left out of that market. Since, according to a report by The Verge, Apple company filed a patent last week with what could be a future folding iPhone in the Office of Patents and Trademarks of the States United.

The image shown in the Apple patent application lets us see a hinged screen that can be folded in half and also in thirds. The Verge notes that in the patent application, Apple specifies that the screen could be used on any type of device, from phones and tablets to laptops.

It is not the first time that rumors sound about this matter. A CNBC report last year, based on the comments of a Wall Street analyst, already picked up on this idea. According to CNBC, Apple’s folding iPhone could be launched in 2020. But remember that both this information and the patent mentioned above are not conclusive, so for the moment, we must take these data with caution.

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