How to Find My iPhone to Track Lost or Stolen iOS Device


Are you searching for how to Find My iPhone? You will never know when your precious iOS device might get stolen. So it’s always better to stay on the safe side. Before your phone or iPad gets stolen, you need to install some of the GPS apps so that even if it gets stolen, it can be tracked down quickly. So you can get back your phone without any kind of hassle. Also if your phone is not stolen, you can keep a track on the iOS device from your iPhone.

How to Find My iPhone to Track Lost or Stolen iOS Device

Find My iPhone

If you are concerned about the whereabouts of your child then this app is definitely going to keep you alert regarding where he or she is. So not only is it extremely useful during theft but for also managing your child. So let us now take a look at some of the best tracker apps which can easily track any kind of lost or stolen iOS device from your iPhone.

6 Best iOS Device Tracker Apps to find my iPhone

1) FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker – Famisafe is one of the best GPS tracking tools that you will find in your apple store, and this app is definitely not going to disappoint you in any way. This app will surely help you to find my iPhone. Do you have a habit of leaving your phone at the wrong places? With this app, all you need to do is to track it from another device. There is geofencing and location tracking available along with a smart parental control setting if you want to track your child’s phone.

2) Glympse GPS Tracker – You will not only be able to track your iOS device from your iPhone with this app, but this one will also allow you to share your live location with your near and dear ones, once you have sent the sharing request both of you will be able to track each other in real time. The best part is that it is entirely free to use, so all that you need to do is to download it from the apple store it works great in the background without consuming much of your charge or data. You can connect it with your Apple watch as well, so if you have a tendency of losing your precious apple watch, this is the device that you need. This is also available for both the android as well as apple users readily.

3) Find My Friends – It is very likely that you already know about this app because this is one of the most popular tracking apps that are used by the people of the present generation. This is Apple’s native location tracking app that will help you to keep a close tab if you lose your phone. Not just that if you are keeping a check on your kid, then you can even set up geofences which will prevent them from going into locations you don’t want them to visit. So you can locate your lost phone in real time within minutes. You will be able to share your very own location. You will also get an alert of your kids to leave or visit the geofenced location which will enable you to act accordingly. So install this today, both for the safety of your phone and child.

4) Flexispy Phone Tracker – This one is an unbelievably accurate GPS tracker that will show you the location accurate to 10 meters. With flexispy, you will now be able to track where you kept your phone the last time and quickly get it back before it gets stolen. You can also chase the thief following the map that is given in this app. This works wonderfully in the background, it has got a good memory capability, so if you are tracking someone’s phone, you will know where they were in the past and where they are on real time. So keep your phone safe with Flexisoy. This is one of those essential free apps that everyone needs to keep in their phone in case they need it.

5) Hoverwatch – Hoverwatch is a unique app, the reason we say it is unique is that it not only uses the GPS system to track your phone but it also uses the wifi hotspot signals to find its 100{3c4c5e7421a34477a0592df1cde9a3664383218adb12bb628282011a1d15176c} accurate location. So the next time you lose your phone and need the most reliable app out there to find it, hoverwatch is the answer. However, you will need to pre-install this app on your iOS device if you want to track the device from your phone after losing it. So don’t take any risk with your precious possession as hoverwatch can track your phone even if there is no GPS. How amazing is that?

6) FollowMee GPS tracker – If you need your Apple device to be converted into a GPS device then this is what you need. With FollowMee you can track not just one lost device but a multiple of them. So if you lost your iPad and iWatch at different places, rest assures, with your iPhone and FollowMee you will be able to track both of them real quick (Best way to Find My iPhone). It runs smoothly in the background and sends you the location of your target device from time to time so that you can always stay updated about it. This app is available for both the apple as well as Android users so even if you have lost and iOs device you can track it from your Android. That is the best thing ever.

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So these were some of the best iOS device tracking apps to find my iPhone that we have in the market. All of them work really brilliantly and can come really handy in times of need. So make sure you download the tracker app on all the devices and link them with one another so that in case you lose one of them you can easily find the other one without any difficulty. Go check them out today and sue the one that suits you the most.

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