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GB Instagram Apk Download  : Instagram is a fantastic Social Media App that allows up to keep in touch with the happenings in friends’ lives. People can post pictures of memorable events that they would like to share with the world. They can also post stories of what is happening in their lives at any given moment. The user experience is enhanced by a clean design and easy user interface. But what if all this is not enough. It is not possible to move to another app as your friends might not be there. So how do you enhance Instagram? The answer is GB Instagram.

What Are The Benefits Of GB Instagram APK?

GB Instagram Apk Download

GB Instagram offers many unique features that are not available on the normal Instagram. This will make the user experience more unique and powerful. Some of the features are the ability to download photos directly from the app and stories directly from the app. It also allows you to copy statuses and bios as well. Further, it allows you to translate captions and bios to over 10 languages. Lastly, it allows you to change the appearance by changing the theme and other aspects. As a result, you will have a unique and powerful user experience that is not usually available.

Downloading Images from GB Instagram

The usual process of downloading pictures from Instagram was rather tedious and time consuming as it involved many steps. You had to copy the URL and go to a third party app and paste the URL there and then download it. This is not the case with GB Instagram. One can directly download images form the app itself. To do so, you must first click on the 3 little dots above the picture. Here you will find Gb Options. One of them is called “Save image”. If you click on this, the picture will directly get saved in your gallery.

Saving Stories

Until now, you could save a story only by taking a screenshot of it. However, this is hard and risky. It is hard as you might miss the story as they are usually only a few seconds long. They are risky as most people have third party apps that tell them when their pictures are screenshot. There is no such risk in GB Instagram. You can click on the 3 dots below the story, where you will find Download story, which will get the image stored in your gallery. No notification will be sent to the person who posted it.

Privately Viewing Stories

In the normal Instagram app that is available on the play store, if you see a story, the person who posted it will know that you have viewed it. You may not want this for various personal reasons. If you do not want that person to know that you have viewed it you can download GB Instagram. In this, you can go to your settings and go to privacy settings and check the view privately box. You can now see the story and the person will never know that you viewed it. This is a feature unique to GB Instagram.

Viewing Profile Picture

In most social media and communication apps, you can easily view a person’s profile picture. In WhatsApp, you can simply click on their profile picture and it will enlarge. However, this is not possible on Instagram. With the powerful GB Instagram, you can enlarge and view profile pictures in Instagram as well. To do so, you must simply touch the profile picture for a second or so and it will enlarge. You do not have to follow the person to do this. It is especially useful if you want to see who the person is before accepting a follow request.

Theme And Appearance

Instagram has a very clean and minimal design. Some people like this and some people do not. In apps like WhatsApp, you can change to appearance a little to suit your taste. However, no such thing is possible on Instagram. If you do not like the design, tough luck, because you are stuck with it. Not anymore though, as GB Instagram allows you to customize the app. You can choose from a plethora of options, which are available in many colours and designs. You can even change the height and width of the app, fonts and many other aspects too.

Comment Options

In Instagram as it is today, you cannot do much with comment except replying to them. If you want to share an interesting comment with your friends, you will have to screenshot it and send it to them. This involves too many steps and further, the image takes up space in your phone. With GB Instagram however, you can copy comments directly from the App. This will take lesser space. You can also translate comments to other languages, like German, French and Hindi. You need not go to Google translate just to translate one comment now, which is less convenient.


This is a third party app which is not available on the app store. This means that it is not verified by Google. As a result, it is open to many risks. Firstly, it may have viruses which can corrupt your phone leading to a loss of data. Secondly, there is also the concern of privacy. It is possible that the developer is collecting your data without your permission. They can then sell this information. There are no redressal mechanisms against such transgressions as you downloaded this app from a third party on your volition. So consider this before downloading.


The GB Instagram has some benefits as it makes your user experience more customizable and powerful. However, it brings some risks with it as well. If you have no privacy concerns and have a good antivirus software, you can consider this app. To download it, you must Google GB Instagram APK Download. Then you must find the relevant webpage and download the APK and open it. To install it, you must allow the phone to download from unknown sources. This is risky, but necessary to download the app. After installing it, you can log in and use it as usual.

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