Google Is Working On Flexible Pixel Phone To Compete Against Samsung And Huawei


Google Pixel Flexible Screen

As they are doing their main rivals, Google would also be preparing a flexible phone for the Pixel line, but there would still be a couple of generations to see it on the street.

2019 will be considered as the year in which the first flexible phones began to appear on the market. Ofcourse, it is a trend that will probably not become popular until the next decade, but which will start this year with a series of members that may not be suitable for all pockets.

Eldar Murtazin, the same blogger who leaked the existence of Pixel 3, has assured that Google is working on multiple Pixel devices and that one of them is a flexible phone. As noted, it is likely that they have to spend at least two generations of phones to see the first flexible Google phone in the market, which would have to look closely at the Pixel devices that come along in 2021.

To support such flexible displays, Google was recently added to Android 9 Pie to ensure a seamless user interface and a continuous experience when users switch from a folded screen to an extended screen.

For now, we have to wait until the first smartphone manufacturers launch these unique devices. It takes time to see their behavior in the market and what technological failures they might have during their first months of availability. From there, the future of this new market segment that will take off during the next decade.

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