Google Pixel 4 XL Could Have A Dual Camera And Hole-Punch Screen


Google Pixel 4 first official renders

If the Google firm does not yield to the sirens of the triple or quad, rear sensor, Google intends to make some efforts for its next-generation smartphone. First rendering of what seems to be the Pixel 4 XL suggests a hole-punch screen and a dual camera.

The first rumor on Pixel 4 already appears on the Web. Yet, Google filed a patent recently aims to offer a fully borderless screen, probably for the Pixel 4.

Simplified Front Face

An innovation that will probably not seen until if we believe the rendering of Pixel 4 XL, just published by the site Slashleaks.

Google Pixel 4 first official renders

On the image, we see that the borders have not completely disappeared, and especially that Google has opted for a screen pierced in the vein of what the Samsung Galaxy S10 + offers. We can, therefore, expect two cameras dedicated to self-portraits.

On the back side, the fingerprint sensor disappears. This would mean that Google finally integrated on-screen fingerprint reader. The rear camera is getting stronger with the likely arrival of a second sensor. Obviously, all this is still speculation. It is necessary to wait until Google makes an announcement.

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