5 Helpful Features Of iPhone X You Should Know About


The iPhone X released in 2017, and it made waves both for its unusual naming structure and for its “notch” design which almost eliminates the bezel around the touchscreen. Apple pitched the handset as a massive step forward for its line of premium handsets.

In 2019, almost 14 months on from the iPhone X launch, the phone is still phenomenally popular. The affordability of the phone has helped somewhat, with refurbished iPhone X deals costing around $700 which is $300 less than the RRP. The fact that many used and refurbished iPhone X models are available unlocked (not locked to a specific carrier) and are of the highest cosmetic quality has been a big draw too. But the price discounts offered by refurbished retailers aren’t the only reason why interest in the iPhone X has remained high; smartphone fans just can’t get enough of its helpful features.

5 Helpful iPhone X Features You Should Know About

iPhone X

Double-Tap for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s payment platform which allows users to quickly pay for goods and services using contactless (NFC) technology. It means that you can enter a store and, instead of fishing out the correct card from your wallet, you can just tap your phone on the payment terminal to complete the transaction. There are an estimated 127 million Apple Pay users worldwide, and a lot of that has to do with convenience. Apple Pay makes it convenient to pay for things, as you don’t need to continually organize your credit and debit cards when they are handily stored in an app.

With convenience being such a selling point, it made sense that the iPhone X would include another simple way to access Apple Pay. With the iPhone X, users can just double-tap the side button and then authenticate themselves either by entering their passcode or by verifying themselves with Face ID (by looking at their phone). This will allow them to pay with their designated default card in Apple Pay.

Face ID Sensors

Apple Pay may be the most well-known use of the Face ID sensors, but it’s far from the only practical implementation in the iPhone X. The innovate feature can be used to secure your phone (and the information) on it in several different, equally as helpful ways.

One such use is the ability to log in to different websites with Face ID. When you can’t remember your complex password – with so many characters and symbols it looks like Wingdings – you can just log in to a website by using your face. How this works is that you’ll log into a site with the correct credentials, save the information to your Keychain, and then enable the Safari autofill feature. This guide to passwords and Face ID explains that with all of the necessary settings enabled, Safari will be able to autofill your usernames, passwords and even credit card information for you by scanning your face. It doesn’t replace passwords entirely, but it does make logging into websites a lot easier.

Quickly Switch Between Apps

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Apple knows that you’re a busy person who wants to multitask – and that means that you have several apps open at once. You might have your music playing in the background, a YouTube video on standby, a couple of mobile games, and two dozen tabs open in Safari. Switching between these apps and easily accessing what you’re looking for is paramount, and with the iPhone X, Apple has made doing that a more straightforward process.

A new feature called the App Switcher lets you switch between apps with a swipe. It’s not hard to activate: swipe up from the middle of your screen, and the App Switcher will show up, and from there you can just swipe to cycle through the different apps that you have open.

Hidden Messages

Another handy use of Face ID on the iPhone X is that it helps to secure your messages. Concerned about prying eyes snooping on you? Or just don’t like the idea of strangers being able to see what you’re up to? By default, Face ID will keep message pop-ups in notifications hidden until it can identify that you are the one looking at the screen.

When you look at the screen, your iPhone X will recognize you with Face ID and will then expand your notifications. It’s also important to note that Face ID only supports one user (that’s you!) meaning that no one else would be able to take advantage of the feature and get around your security.

Wireless Charging

5 Helpful Features Of iPhone X You Should Know About

Wireless charging stands are designed to eliminate the fuss of untangling charging wires and plugging them in. When you’re half asleep, stumbling to bed, and want to put your phone on charge before you hit the pillow, the very last thing you want to be doing is trying to jam the charging wire into the socket.

With the iPhone X, Apple has finally embraced the technological advancement that is wireless charging. The iPhone X has an all-glass back and supports the open Qi wireless charging standard which can transfer up to 15 watts of power. There are plenty of wireless charging stands that use the Qi standard too, meaning it shouldn’t be hard to find one that’s compatible with your iPhone X.

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The iPhone X may have made headlines for the design of its hardware, but it’s the general improvements and new features that really make this phone worth owning. When Apple called the handset the next generation of the iPhone, it really wasn’t kidding.

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