The surprising amount of data Spotify uses


How much data does Spotify use is the most searched question on the internet. This totally depends on the settings you have in your phone and also how much time you are using it, But one thing is certain : It is a big pain if you burn all the data before the month is over.

Data which is used from streaming services like Spotify and other Apps is typically deducted from your mobile data plan in the same way when you browse through the internet and use social media and more.

So this means that if you listen to music online for couple of hours, Spotify will eatup your mobile battery along with your data pack just the way you watch videos on Youtube or Vimeo.

How much data does Spotify use?

How much data does Spotify use

Always keep in mind that the data used by Spotify in your smartphone always depends upon the quality of music you are listening to. To solve your doubts we have listed down some important that you need to check.

1) Normal quality of music played in Spotify is of 96 kilobits, so that comes down to music played at 40 megabytes per hour online

2) If you play high quality 160 kilobits of music, it will eat up 70 megabytes per hour of your data.

3) If you want to play extreme quality of music in Spotify, then it will let you stream 150 megabytes per hour.

4) If you set Spotify at Automatic quality music then it will let you configure your music stream according to the quality of data network you are getting (e.g 3G, 4G,5G etc)

The cherry on the cake while using Spotify is that Spotify remembers the song you previously played in the App or you can say just like web browser uses cookies to store data, Spotify caches your past played music so it will not eat up more data when you play a song which you previously listened.

We have shared complete guide on how to download Spotify Premium Apk free to use premium features of the app for free.

How to manage your Spotify data usage

How Much Data Does Spotify Use in android and ios

1) Check your mobile data usage

Always check how much data you are using to listen music on Spotify, In this way you will be able to keep track record on the data uses by Spotify and then choose the quality of music to listed from.

You can go to your Phone’s settings and the click on mobile data in your smartphone to find data used by Spotify.

2) Open Spotify’s settings

Now you have to open the Spotify app installed in your phone, Go to settings in in the app at the top right corner under library. Now just scroll down to Music quality section and their you can change the streaming settings by clicking the desired quality of music you want to play in Spotify

Pro Tip by Team Phonecocktail : You can select the automatic quality music to get the best output.

3) Listen Offline

One of the best way which people use to save date on Spotify is by listening to music in offline mode. Spotify premium users can download their favourite playlist, podcast and albums and listen to the music in offline mode without using any data.


We hope all your doubts about how much data does Spotify use is clear now. Let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts.

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