How To Backup Android Phone


How To Backup Android Phone: Well, As you know that Android users are increasing day by day due to its popular user interface and easy usability. The data stored in your android device is very precious for you but do you know that your data is not secured inside the storage of your phone? Your data can be corrupted if your phone gets prone to viruses or you can accidentally delete your valuable files.

How To Backup Android Phone

How To Backup Android Phone

Due to these issues, an Android device is always synced with the cloud service – mainly Google Drive. If your android device is packed with videos and photos, then you need to back up those files safely in your drive. If your device gets corrupted or lost then at least, your data will be completely restored. You will have to use different applications to back up different pieces of information. To make your backup process easy Google has developed its different ranges of applications throughout which you can automatically back up your valuable data.

How To Backup Android Phone to Google Drive:

It is one of the most important cloud services providers by Google. Every android device is pre-installed with Google Drive. If your android phone doesn’t have the application, then you can install it from the Play Store. Google Drive gives the opportunity to the entire Android user to upload their files in their cloud server. You can upload up to 15 GB of files for free, and if you ran out of storage then only you can choose to upgrade your drive space by paid packages. You can choose to manually backup your data, go to your Android phone settings and chose backup and reset settings chose your Google account and keep you back up data options on. Your phone will back up your data automatically. But It is recommended that you should back up your files manually, to upload files in your drive you should open Google Drive and press the “plus button” and then select all the files that are necessary for uploading and then press the upload button. It is recommended to upload your data through WiFi as your data will be uploaded quickly.

How To Backup Android Phone pics to Google Photos:

It’s a dream comes true for all the photographers as it gives you unlimited storage options for photos and videos and the Google photo will not compromise with the quality of your file. Note that, if you are ready to limit the photo resolution to video resolution to 1080p and 16 megapixels then Google Photo will provide you with unlimited storage space. You don’t have any option to store them at higher resolutions, except the storage add up will be against the Google Drive quota. It is so far the best and the safest storage option for your photo. Download the application from Play store and upload all the photos and videos in your android device. You will have to sync your device with Google Photos, whenever you click pictures or videos it will be uploaded in your Google Photos app or you can manually upload them through the application. Make sure to keep the sync option on, or you will have to upload them later on manually.

Messages – Google android messaging application not only helps you to read SMS but it will also automatically backup all your messages up to 25mb. This is a very crucial application for those who want to back up their SMS.

G Mail & Calendar

If you are an employee or employer, then you must know how important your emails are for you. Every email is valuable for every office employee. If you are using a Google Account then you Emails are already secured. You can use Gmail application to store your email and even viewing them. You can even download attachments from your emails to your Android device whenever it is necessary. Every single mail that you are sending is even stored in your sent box. Gmail will automatically back up your email in your cloud-based account.

Google Calendar & Keep

Google Calendar is also a cloud-based service; you can store your daily planning activities, events, birthdays and meetings date from your android device to the Google Calendar it will back up all of the valuables data in its cloud server. This is one of the safest planners, so instead of using the inbuilt phone’s calendar, you should use Google Calendar. The Google Keep application will help you to record noted, lists, reminder, and events you can draw your notes in this application. All your notes will be backed up in your Google account and even if your phone crashes your notes will be safe.

Google Contacts

Use Google Contacts instead of the inbuilt contact application in your Android device; you will be able to organise every contact to a whole new level. Google Contacts will not only let you save the number but also the picture of the person. It will also let you save the email id of the person and several other numbers of that person, and all of these values information will be saved in your Google Account. Even if you lost your sim or your phone, your contact would be easily available in your Google Cloud storage. You can easily access it again by logging in to your Google Contacts.

Android Application is the main attraction of an Android device, without applications an android phone is useless. Every android phone has a Play Store from where you can download free as well as paid applications. But what if you accidentally delete your application? There is no need to worry if you are using an android phone, whenever you open the application, it syncs with your Google Account with the help of Google Play services so even if you delete those applications you progress will be saved. If you want to back up a particular application then you can use a simple back up an application from where you will store the Apk file of the application after that you can upload the Apk file in your Google Drive, later on, you can download the app from your drive.

A very simple solution for managing applications is also available – you can open your Play Store account and can go to My App – Games section and then to your Library from where you will find the history of every application you have previously installed. So with the help of Google, all you android data will be backed up easily.

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We hope you loved our guide on How To Backup Android Phone and save your date for emergency use. If you have any doubts about data backup on Android then kindly comment below and we will surely try to help you out.

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