How to Block Ads and Popups in Android : Let’s Kill Annoying Ads


Advertisements are annoying! It doesn’t matter whether you are watching them on television or in your android smartphone. They are more irritating when we are watching something interesting in our phone and they keep popping up. But now we have a solution for it. Want to know how you can block ads and popups in android? You have landed at the right place.

There are no single but multiple ways through which you can block the popups and ads in your android phone, and we will see each way to do that. So, let’s start.

Ways to Block Ads and Popups in Android:

How to Block Ads and Popups in Android

1. Using Google Chrome:

In order to block the annoying ads in Google Chrome, what you need to do is, just open your Google Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots that are located at the top right corner of the screen, go to settings and then click on “Site settings”.

After clicking on site settings, scroll down to bottom and go to “Pop-ups”. Check if the slider is enabled or disabled to “blocked” or not. If it is not set, you need to set it to “Blocked”.

Simple and easy!

2. Using Data Saver Mode:

Another way to block the ads is using the data saver mode method. This can be done using the Google Chrome browser only. Data saver mode is known for providing the best and smooth browsing and internet surfing experience. If it is not enabled then you will get interrupted by ads and popups but if you will enable it you will see less ads and popups.

Wondering how to enable it? It’s simple, open Google Chrome, tap on the three dots, go to “Settings” choose “Data Saver” option and set it to “On”. And it is done!

3. Using free Ad-Blocker Browser:

If you want to use the free Ad – Blocker Browser, you need to install it. You can directly download it from the Google Play Store.

4. Using Opera Browser:

If you want to block ads and popups in a very simple manner, then using opera browser is one of the best solutions for you. Because the browser is already having an ad blocker which saves you from viewing ads and other popups. Download the browser in your phone or PC and do what you want without getting disturbed.

These 4 ways will definitely help you to get rid of the ads and popups. But have you ever thought that some ads can be beneficial for you too? Its good if you will block them but if you are not of those who gets disturbed by ads then you can surely get some benefit from it. Do not click on them, just see what it contains and if you think it can help you in anyway, proceed with clicking on it. At the end, the final decision should be yours only.

We hope that you are clear with the ways of how to block ads and popups in android smartphones. Stay tuned for reading about more such interesting facts!

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