How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently & Deactivate the Account


Want to delete Facebook account? Some people cannot even think of it! Well the process is very much easy and it can be done by following very simple steps. Want to know which are they? This guide is the key to your solution’s door.

Facebook is an online social media platform that connects us with our friends and other loved ones no matter in which country they are. And Facebook needs no more introduction. Considering your concern about online privacy of your information or if you are just fed up of scrolling the news feed you can delete it.

No doubt social media has many advantages but every thing has its dark side too and if you are the one who is addicted to social media then you can test yourself if you can get rid of it or not. If you do not want to completely refrain yourself from using Facebook and other social media accounts then all you can do is deactivate your account, but if you are planning something different then deleting Facebook account is a good option as well.

But before you start the process of deleting your Facebook account make sure you have downloaded the copy of your account that contains all the messages and other files you have exchanged with your friends and other relatives. If you don’t want to keep any data you can skip this option.

How to delete Facebook account? Check the process below:

how to delete facebook account

Ways to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Don’t confuse yourself with “deactivating” and “deleting”. Deactivating means you can reactivate your account whenever you want to by just entering your email id and password again but once deleted you won’t be able to access your account ever.

In order to delete Facebook account, you have to wait for some days because of these specific Facebook rules:

1) If you want to delete your Facebook account, you need to send request to the authorities and then deactivate it.

2) Facebook wait for sometime like for a month, if you re-login in your account within a month, your request for deleting Facebook account will get automatically cancelled.

3) Basically, it takes complete 90 days to delete all your data that is stored in Facebook’s server.

Now as you know the rules, below are the actual steps you need to follow in order to delete your Facebook account:

1) Go to account and go to settings.

2) At the left location there is an option “general” you need to click on that option.

3) Go to “manage your account” and click on “deactivate your account”.

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And it’s done. But don’t take any decision in hurry, check what important data is there in your account, which are the conversations that you want to keep safe with you, which are some of the old memories of yours that are only stored on Facebook. Download all those things and then delete Facebook account, because after deleting you wont be able to access any of t

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