How to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Problem? Here’s How to Solve It


Searching for iPhone alarm not working? Well, Being punctual is the first priority of everybody these days. Thanks to the Smartphones around us who saves us every day. Waking up early is a big task for every 1 out of 3 persons. After a stressful day, if our Alarm stays silent on the next day could spoil a whole week. I understand that your schedule is totally blocked for a whole day and in order to avoid any unwanted stress that can increase your workload. If you are facing the problem in your iPhone Alarm, then this particular article is for you.

Today, I will be sharing some methods to fix iPhone Alarm not working problem. I hope one of the methods will fix your iPhone Alarm not working problem and I have selected those particular methods through which I can make sure that the same problem won’t happen again.

Before you dive into the solutions to fix iPhone Alarm problem, it is recommended for you to make sure that you have a Backup of your important data files and media files. As a few of the solutions will guide you to reset your device or it may ask you to hard reset your iPhone so that the problem can be eliminated permanently. I hope you got our point. Now let’s begin with,

Methods to fix iPhone Alarm not working problem

iPhone alarm not working

Solution 1: Check the Ringer volume

Ringer, what’s that? Basically, it’s nothing just the media and alerts volume and it is independent of Volume of the iPhone. Ringer volume is only responsible for Alarm sound. It might sound very basic but sometimes we set the normal volume of iPhone to max but skip the ringer volume and it could be the reason for your iPhone Alarm, not working problem, thus its good to have a look over the ringer volume in settings. In order to navigate to the ringer volume setting, you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on the settings icon on your iPhone.
  • In settings, look for the option “Sound” or “Sound and haptics “ and click on it.
  • Under the sound settings, check the Ringer and Alert settings. Ringer and Alert must be set to maximum as this particular setting will trigger your Alarm Volume.

If initially, you found that your Ringer and alert volume is set to minimum then it was the only reason why your Alarm isn’t working properly. It is suggested to have a dry run of your newly updated settings.

Solution 2: Reboot your iPhone

Restarting the device can fix common errors and mistakes automatically, it’s a fact in the technical world. You might be able to fix your iPhone Alarm not working problem through a single reboot thus, it deserves a try at least. If the problem stills occur then you can proceed to the next solution.

Solution 3 : Pick a better alarm tune

Sometimes what actually happens is that we pick a quieter Alarm tune and we can’t even feel it when our iPhone Alarm is trying to awake us. As a result, we miss deadlines. To avoid any sort of delay it is suggested to set a louder Alarm tune for your iPhone and again make sure Ringer volume is set to maximum.

Solution 4 : Disable the Bedtime feature

Every iOS device has the feature of bedtime that helps you to follow the same schedule every day but it can create some troubles for us when we want to leave the bed a bit earlier or when we went to sleep a bit late. In both conditions, this bedtime can disturb our next day plans. Thus, it is recommended to disable the bedtime feature if you have irregularities in your schedule.

Closing statement about how to fix iPhone alarm not working problem

Another reason that your iPhone alarm not working is that your device has some hardware issues and since I have only covered the software related solution thus if these solutions didn’t work for you then it is suggested to consult a technician so that he can confirm about the actual problem.

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