How to Get back View Image Option in Google Images ?


Want to Get back view image option in Google images? Well as you know there are some Interesting movements of Google lasted until 2017. First, they enabled the blocking of your browser’s advertising that raised a lot of controversies, especially for one piece of information: Google obtains huge benefits from web advertising with the peculiarity of being both actor and director of the same play.

How to Get back View Image Option in Google Images ?

And after this movement one no less surprising. Google dienabled the “View Image” option from its search-engine that appeared in the results of image searches. It is a option that allows you to download Google-Images directly to your computer without crawling any websites. But, Google received copyright issues with this feature.

A step that seeks to end this improper use of material protected by copyright was taken in 2016 Getty, a stock image company which accused Google of causing a lower viewing of image storage sites such as Getty.

Instead of this “View image” option, a button that visits the web appears. It seeks to prevent anyone from accessing the images without visiting the source of it.

However, if you want to recover this button in Chrome, we brought a good news. Thanks for chrome-extensions. There is a hidden extension available in Chrome add-ons that help you to getback “View image” option. The name of this extension is itself a “View Image” that can re-enable the shortcut to download an image. Here is the detailed sketch in using this extension.

chrome extensions View Image


  • Just visit Chrome web store Page
  • Search “View Image” extension in search bar
  • Then click “Add Extenion”
  • That’s all, you’ve done

Once added, you will see a new icon in the Google Chrome extension bar that indicates that we already have it enabled. And now open Google images. You just have to check how it works by looking for any image and observing whether the “View image” button appears or not. So if you missed the button to view the images in your searches, this extension for Chrome can give you that possibility again.

We hope all your doubts about How to Get back View Image Option in Google Images are clear now. If you find any issue using this feature, kindly comment below and we will surely try to help you.

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