How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung and Android Phone


There are various different ways by which you can take the screenshot in your android phone. The manufacturer specifies some of the methods while others are dependent on apps. There is no way that can be called the best. Whatever suits you the best and is the most convenient for you is the clear cut winner. So choose the one that you think is the easiest and you are good to go. So let us take a look at the different ways by which you can take a screenshot on Samsung and Android device.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung and Android Phone

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung and androidNowadays it is really easy to take a screenshot of your latest android phone. All you need to do is to press a few buttons, and the screen will be captured. In most of the phones, the way of taking the screenshots is by holding power + the volume down button at the same time together for a few seconds. While you are holding these two buttons, you will see the screen getting animated and the shot getting clicked. The way to determine whether the shot was actually clicked or not is by looking at the notification bar that you have on top of your screen. It shows whether the action was done of the screenshot clicking failed.

Some of the people struggle a bit to get the timing right. Make sure you press both the buttons at the exact same time or else you will end up switching off your phone or reducing your volume to 0. With a couple of practices, you will soon be able to master it perfectly.

  • Using The Shortcuts Made By The Manufacturer

Before you start reading this method, you must keep in mind that not all phones might have the same manufacturer’s settings. For example, if you are a Samsung phone user, then the volume down option will not work for you. Some of the Samsung phones make use of the power button as well as the home button for you to click a screenshot. Once you click the image, you will get a confirmation on the notifications center, and you can then view it in your images app. Some of the phones like the Lenovo ones have a screenshot option on the notification center. You simply pull down the center and press on the screenshot option that you see there. You will get your screenshot clicked without even using the power or volume keys for once. Isn’t that awesome?

  • Rooting Your Android Phone Works Too

If you use an old android phone, then you will know that the apps couldn’t take screenshots without you having to root your phone. This was sort of a security feature that helped your phone from suspicious downloads and helped you from getting spied. A lot of apps are known to steal user information from the screenshots themselves. However, if you root your phone, then you will get endless options. There are thousands of apps in the Google play store that will let you take the screenshot without you having to fiddle with the volume or the power button. You simply will have a take screenshot option displayed on your screen, and some of these apps will also ensure that you get the highest quality of screenshots from them.

  • Using Various Third-Party Apps

There are some fantastic third party apps which will let you take the screenshot on your phone. Now you might wonder why you will use these apps when you have the built-in shortcuts in your phone. The reason is that these apps will give you some attractive additional features. You will get a lot of post-shoot options like you will be able to crop the image so that you can click the screenshot of only the desired region of the screen. Or you can use it to edit and turn the images into a zip file. There are also filters to enhance the shot that you just tool and you can adjust the image resolution which will, at the end of the day help you to size the image correctly. So head to the play store and choose an app that you think will be suitable for you.

  • On Devices Before Android 4.0

Before android 4.0 was launched back in the year 2011, there was no way in which one could take a screenshot with the help of the android OS. But if you are among those users that still use the android gingerbread or android honeycomb, then this will come useful for you. You can use android SDK for it. All you need to do is to install the Android SDK app from the official website and then check for the screenshot apps that are compatible with it. You need to be careful so that you choose the SDK app for the non-rooted version. So you will not need to root your phone from this method, but it can still be a bit difficult to install and use this app. So if you are planning on upgrading your phone, do it now.

So which one of the methods did you like the most? Try out all of them to know the difference between them and then you can use it to click screenshots whenever you want and wherever you want. It takes less than one second to click screenshots in our new Android devices and the speed at which technology is evolving; pretty soon you will be able to click it in an even lesser time. Some of the phones also allow the user to click screenshot with gestures. Like you can draw two lines on the screen, and the image will be captured. But like we already mentioned this is the manufacturer’s way and varies from device to device. So if you have already decided which one is your favorite, it is time to implement it in your daily life with ease.

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