How to use iCloud for windows 10?


Are you searching for iCloud for windows 10? Well, as you know that iCloud is an storage option mainly for iOs devices. Although iPhone users have the option to use other cloud services but natively Apples had provided the support of their own cloud service that is “iCloud”. Apple and other platform had a very complicated relation between them. It was never easy to share files from an apple device to any other platform’s platform. But with regular updation, these days it become quite easy and quick to share exchange files between Apple devices and other platform based devices.

Today I am sharing a guide with you that will help you to use iCloud for windows 10. I will try to over all basic issues and doubts that may came to your mind while going through the guide. Make sure that you read each and every word of this guide carefully so that you can avoid all possible issues.

How to use iCloud for windows 10?

How to use iCloud on windows 10?

In the process to use iCloud for windows 10 you need to have some basic softwares and tools. Have a look over the below mentioned requirements.

* iCloud’s software setup for windows 10 (latest version recommended).

* An apple id so that you can login to iCloud.

* An iOS device if you want to exchange files among windows and your Apple device.

So, if you have downloaded the iCloud setup then make sure you have installed iCloud on your windows 10. Now, let’s begin with our guide.

Install and Restart

Once you have finished the installation process, restart your computer so that your system can configure iCloud successfully.

Sign in with Apple ID

Now, click on the iCloud icon from your desktop and sign into the iCloud with your Apple ID. If you don’t have an apple id then make sure you create one before proceeding further.

Add required features and contents

After logging in into your iCloud account, you need to select all the features and contents that you want to use on your iCloud.

Connect your iOS Device

After doing all your setting in the iCloud then, connect your iOS device with your PC and let iCloud detects it. Once your device is detected you can simply upload your desired files to iCloud.

Upload files to iCloud Drive

Another way to upload files to an iCloud drive is to Select files from your PC and simply upload them to your iCloud storage through iCloud software.

This is a guide that shows you how to use and upload files on your iCloud Drive. Along with this, there are some other uses of iCloud i.e. you can download your earlier uploaded files and can download those files. You can share those downloaded files with your friends and anyone either through email, social media platforms and any other mode.

Not only files, you can also keep your mail, remainders, contacts and other calendar events connected with your iCloud Account. Along with this, it is suggested to keep your iCloud updated on your windows. If you still feel have any doubt then do let us know in the comment section below.

We hope all your doubts about iCloud for windows 10 is solved now. You can comment below if you find any issues or are facing any issues using iCloud on windows 10

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