How To Use Instagram’s New Question Sticker For Stories?


Nowadays, Instagram is quite busy launching new features for the Instagram users. A few days back we have seen Video calling feature on Instagram and now the new Question Sticker For Stories.

And there is no doubt that it is going to change how we communicate on Instagram. So the question is what is Question sticker and how to use it?

What is Question Sticker?

How to use Instagram Questions Stickers

Well, the question sticker is another add-on that you can use to make your stories more engaging. It is pretty much the same thing when you do add emojis, gifs, or a filter. Also it kind of similar to the polls add-on, but wait it is quite different.

Instead, the new question sticker allows you to write a prompt and place it wherever you want to place on your stories. For example, if you are bored, then you can ask your Instagram followers saying “I’m so bored. Ask me anything, and I’ll answer!”  and when you do so, there will be a space and your followers can use that space to answer your questions.

Also, they can reply as many times as they want to. Even the interesting part of the story is that when you decide to answer a question, it will create another new story which would be visible for everyone to see.

However now let’s move to our main question, How to use Questions Stickers?

Well here are a couple of steps that you need to follow:

How to use Instagram Questions Stickers?

Step 1: Create a story at first.

Step 2: From the story swipe up and select the Question Sticker and then add it to your story.

Step 3: Then you have to type down your prompt and place it wherever you want to place it on your story.

Step 4: Then wait for your friends to leave a response.

Step 5: To check the responses, go to your story, and then you have to swipe up, and you will find all the response from there.

Step 6: Now select the response on which you want to reply, and you are done.

Also, you should remember the fact that when you choose to rely on a story, your followers will be able to see the response. But not the person who left it.

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