Huawei Would Present Its Foldable Smartphone In MWC 2019


It is clear that during this next edition of the Mobile World Congress folding phones are going to be the protagonists, and Huawei has not wanted to be left out of the party. The Chinese giant announced on Friday in its Twitter account that on February 24, 2019, at 2:00 pm CET, will hold an event in the city of Barcelona, a city that hosts the Mobile World Congress.

In addition to the location and date, the ad includes an image of a presumably collapsible device, an image that differs a lot from what a normal phone might be and also includes the hashtag #ConnectingTheFuture, another indication that it may be something new.

With this information still somewhat veiled, we can intuit that Huawei not only will present their new Huawei P30 but also expected Samsung and Xiaomi, will show us their first folding phone. According to previous reports, Huawei’s folding phones would be called Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi or Mate Fold.

For now, there is not much information regarding this cellular future. Richard Yu, president of the Huawei consumer division said at an event held last week that his mobile phone would be compatible with 5G networks. Mr.Yu also said that Huawei’s flexible cell phone would count with 8 inches when in tablet mode, and when bending it would be about 5 inches.

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