iMessage For Android: How to Get It And Use It on Your Smartphone


iMessage For Android : Well, As you know that Android is said to be one of the most popular operating systems among the people. People love Android due to the features that are provided by the operating system. But, in spite of so much popularity among the people, still, Android has got some sorts of weakness. This weakness refers to the Android message services. When it comes to the Apple iOS, then it provides its customers with iMessage feature.

With the help of this feature, one iOS user is able to message another iOS user. But when it comes to the Android, it is seen they recently released messaging app Google Allo which can’t match with iMessage. Allo lacks many features that iMessage can usually do for you which it is not popular among users. But, it is seen that there is one app which allows users to uses iMessage for Android device and smart phones

iMessage For Android: How to Get It And Use It

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In iMessage app, you can get end-to-end encryption security feature along with group messaging and message effects. The name of that app which provides support for iMessage in Android is weMessage. This app is said to be the unofficial iMessage client for Android. With the help of this app, only one can get the benefit of using iMessage in its Android smartphone.

Why iMessage Can’t Be Used Normally In Android?

This is because the app iMessage uses an end-to-end encryption system. This system helps in securing the messages from a device from which it is sent via Apple servers. As the messages are encrypted so it can only be decoded in Apple devices only.

Things Required For weMessage

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Here is the list of things that are needed by a user when going for weMessage:

  • The first and important thing that one needs is an iMessage account.
  • You need a macOS 10.10 or higher version to use weMessage.
  • Install Java 7 or higher version on your Mac.
  • Your Android smartphone must have got Android OS 5.0 or higher.

How weMessage Helps In Using The iMessage for Android?

After all these things, a question always arises among the users. It is how this app help to run iMessage for Android? Well, here is the answer. All know that iMessage doesn’t support Android devices, but it can work on macOS and iOS. weMessage is a program that is specifically designed for Mac users which help in routing the iMessage network.

This shows that when a person sends something, then it is passed to iMessage for sending iOs, macOS and Android devices and at the same time, you will be using Apple’s encryption. The next thing that comes to the mind of the user is how to install the weMessage and how to make it run for the messaging purpose. Then you can follow these simple steps which are mentioned below.

Steps to install weMessage

1) In the first step, you need to download the weMessage app on the Android device from the Google Play Store. After finishing this, you need to download the weServer app on your Mac.

2) When you are going to install this weServer app, you will find that it will not allow you as this is not available from Apple’s official Mac App Store. To install this app, you need to go for the modification of the Security and Privacy settings. After you modify that, you can install the app.

3) After installing this on your Mac, you can open the weMessage app on your Android device. After opening it, you can use the IP Address, email and then give the password to sign in.

4) After hitting the sign in button, you can find the Conversation screen on your Android phone.

These are the steps that you need to follow to use the messaging service in your Android phone.

The next thing comes about how you can configure the weMessage on Mac. When it comes to the Mac, it is seen that the most difficult thing in this installation process is to configure the weMessage app. Here are the steps that you need to follow to configure the weMessgae.

Steps To Configure

1) The first requirement is to have Java on your Mac to install and use weMessage. You can check this by going to the Applications then clicking on Utilities and then launch the Terminal app which is pre-installed on Mac. Check for Java and then return.

2) After that, you got confirmed about the presence of Java in your Mac, and then install the weMessage program on your Mac.

3) After installing weMessage, you need to go to the folder of weMessage; There double click on the run. Command file to launch weMessage.

4) After clicking on it, if a prompt window shows an error due to the unidentified developer, then open System Preferences. You can find that in the Apple menu which is at the top left corner of the screen. Then click on Security and Privacy then click on the General tab. After that click Open Anyway.

5) After that, you need to enable the Accessibility features on Mac. For this go for System Preferences then click on Security and Privacy screen and click Accessibility.

6) Then you can click on lock icon on the bottom left to unlock the settings and then enter the password to log in to Mac.

7) Click on + then go to Applications then on Utilities.

8) Then click on Terminal and Open it. After that double click on run.command to launch the program.

9) After that enter the email address with a password for iMessage.

The above points are the steps that are mentioned serially so that you can go for setting up the weMessage on Mac.

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But after doing this all, it is not over as some other factors also need to be addressed. Your Mac and Android phone must be on the same Wi-Fi network. To do this, you need to configure your Port Forwarding. After you have set up this, you need to test this. Then needs to turn off Wi-Fi on Android device and then go for texting someone via iMessage.

If you want to use iMessage on Android phone, then you need to go through all these steps to use this feature on your smartphone.

Hopw all your doubts about how to run iMessage for Android is solved. You can comment below if you face any difficulty in using iMessage on Android device. Also let us know if you find any new method which you have found.

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