Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone – What is the difference?


Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone : Last year we have had seen the launch of Jio Phone, and this year the company came up with Jio Phone 2. On Thursday at an event at Reliance Industries Limited’s Annual General Meeting, the company launched a new device alongside the FTTH service and Jio GigaFiber.

Talking about the Jio Phone 2, well the device comes with a lot of improvements compared to Jio Phone. Plus it sports a QWERTY-style keyboard and a larger smartphone body. Anyway, to give you a better idea about both of the smartphones, here is a quick look at all the features:

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone:

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone


Starting with the price, well Jio Phone 2 is priced at Rs. 2,999 as part of an introductory offer. Also, the sale of the device will go on August 15, 2018. However, as of now, no other details have been officially revealed. However, it is said that we might get to see pre-booking of the device soon.

If we compare Jio Phone 2 with Jio Phone. Then the last year phone was priced at Rs. 1,500. However, it was displayed as a free phone.

Also, the existing users of the Jio Phone will be able to upgrade to the new Jio Phone at a price of Rs. 501. Also, this offer will be up from July 21.


Coming to the design, well it is one of the biggest difference between both of the devices. The Jio Phone 2 has a full-size QWERTY keyboard and 4-way navigation keys. Which kind of looks like a Blackberry device where the Jio Phone has a smaller display and a T9-style keypad.


Coming to the software, well both of the Jio phones run on the KaiOS. Even most of the functionalities on both of the device remains the same.

However, the Jio Phone 2 will have apps like YouTube and WhatsApp. Even the company is also planning to launch both of these apps soon on the Jio Phone.


In the end, coming to the specifications. Well, there is no huge difference between Jio Phone 2 and Jio Phone.

Both devices have the same Camera configuration, RAM capacity, internal storage, display size and resolution, as well as battery size. However, we are yet to know about the processor, clock speed and other devices of the smartphone.

So that was all for the Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone comparison. We are really excited to see how Jio Phone 2 will disrupt the market and how the customers will be beneficial.

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