LG Patents An Extendable Smartphone – The Future Of Foldable Display Begins


LG Extendable display

A new patent from the Korean manufacturer offers another glimpse of the future from a very special perspective.

Over the next few months, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X will really become a reality, with the first wealthy buyers who can use them and show off in their daily lives. In the next few years, we will probably witness an explosion of folding devices, but there is a producer who already looks beyond.

This is LG, which has recently filed a patent with the USPTO ( United States Patent and Trademark Office ), which shows a device capable of varying its size. Take care, however, not turning in on itself as we have shown Samsung and Huawei, but stretching in every direction.

LG Extendable display

An extravagant solution, to which, however, LG is really at work, thanks to the constant research carried out by its advanced division that deals with displays. At the moment it is difficult to hypothesize when the technology of this kind can really materialize, but it is interesting to see how the stagnation of the smartphone market is pushing big producers to try innovative ways to create new form factors. Above you can see the picture related to LG’s patent.

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