Mark Zuckerberg Is Now The World’s Third Richest Person


Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook co-founder has now overtaken Warren Buffett. And grabbed the position of world’s third richest person. Even he has now received the tag of the most robust creator of wealth.

Before Mark Zuckerberg, There is founder Jeff Bezos, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is standing at the position of World’s First and second Richest person. And now Mark Zuckerberg is behind them, as he just overtaken the Buffett position.

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According to a report on Friday Facebook shares raised up to 2.4 percent, and hence. As a result Mark Zuckerberg  made himself enter to the top 3 richest person list for the first time. Mark Zuckerberg the 34 year old businessman’s worth is now $81.6 billion (approximately Rs. 5.61 lakh crores), and he has about $373 million (roughly Rs. 2,565 crores) worth compared to the Buffett. And about 87 per cent more wealth than the chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

However in the recent data scam by Facebook, the social-network giant had faced a low amount of revenue of $152.22 (about Rs. 10,467.41) on March 27. But now Facebook is back in the business with a revenue of  $203.23 (roughly Rs. 13,975.11).

However, the reason behind Warren Buffett who once was the world’s wealthiest person fall is because of the charities he does. He started doing charities back in the 2006 and it has affected his wealth. According to a report, Warren Buffett has donated about 290 million Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares to charities, most of it to Gates’s foundation.

Even those shares are now holds a worth of more than $50 billion (about Rs. 3.44 lakh crores). However coming back to Mark Zuckerberg, well we are looking forward to seeing if Mark Zuckerberg stays on the third richest person list or not. Or he is going to overcome Jeff Bezos or Bill gates in the near future.

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