You Can Now Mute Your Friends On Instagram Without Unfollowing Them


Mute Friends on Instagram : Well, Instagram has rolled out a new feature which will let you Mute people on the App without unfollowing them so that you don’t see any posts on your profile feed of the person you have blocked. Also you can block that person’s Stories. Isn’t this really cool and helpful feature.

Now Mute Friends on Instagram

mute friend on Instagram

You will be able to view a muted person’s profile and can see their post’s and stories. Also you can unmute them any time you want to. The best part about this is that when you mute or unmute them, the person won’t be informed them via notification that you have muted them.

This was a long awaited update as you can always unfollow someone but that is not an option as you cannot unfollow your colose relatives or your neighbour as they post multiple times in a day. But don’t worry now, You will be able to mute them and at the same time they will not know about it so they won’t get offended about it.

mute your friend on instagram

Social media platforms are really very slow when it comes to adding this mute thing to their feautures as they have lots and lots of content to show daily due to high number of active users. But as time passes, people add/follow lots of people to their list and then at some point of time they get irritated with huge number of people in their list whom they don’t even meet regularly. What to do with such people? Mute them!

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We are sure everyone who loves using Instagram have liked this Mute Friendss on Instagram feature. We hope Facebook also implements the same in the coming time so that we don’t have to see posts on our feed of people we don’t like.

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