MX Player Pro APK Download Latest Version (Mod Apk)


MX Player Pro APK Download : In the olden days, life used to be more leisurely. People did not have to work long hours and they had time for all the other pursuits of life. They could spend time watching long movies in theatres with their families. Not so anymore. People are very busy and they need to tend to their work throughout the day. They do not have time for lengthy movies. This is proven by the rise of popularity of TV Shows. Further, they prefer to consume videos on their phones and not TV. This being the case, which is the best video Player?

MX Player Pro APK Download

download mx player pro apk

People have many video players to choose from. Some of these video players are VLC Media player and Windows video Player. These are all great video players in their own right, but none are as powerful as the MX Video player. The MX Video player offers many options that no other app provides. It is hence the most popular video player on the market now. It has more than five hundred million downloads and is rated 4.5 stars on the Google play store. It is also elevated to the status of Editor’s Choice, which is an assured hallmark of quality.

Popularity of MX Player Pro Apk

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is the most popular video player in the whole world, with over five hundred million downloads. Not many other apps have as many downloads on the play store. Moreover, that number only indicated the number of downloads on the play store. If one was to count even APK Downloads, the number would be much higher. It is the number 1 video player in India, Britain, Japan, Canada and Argentina. It is the Second most popular in the US and Russia. Such a large number of downloads prove that this app is high quality.

Formats Supported by MX Player Pro

One of the reasons the MX Video player is so popular is because it seamlessly supports all possible video formats. This includes MKV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV and 3GP. Most other video players do not support such a wide array of files. They are largely limited to MP4 and MPEG formats. With those video players, you are always worried about whether the video will be supported. You have no such worries in MX Player Pro as you know that any video format is supported. This enhances the viewing experience as it ensures peace of mind of the viewer.


MX Player Pro APK

The MX Player does not stress and tax your device as much as some other video players do. Most other video players drain over 2248 MAh of power whereas MX Player only drains about 162 MAh of power for the same video. Further, even the stress on the CPU is not there. In instances where other video players take 46{3c4c5e7421a34477a0592df1cde9a3664383218adb12bb628282011a1d15176c} of the CPU power, MX video player only takes up 10{3c4c5e7421a34477a0592df1cde9a3664383218adb12bb628282011a1d15176c}.Further, it ensures a smooth video viewing experience. All this means that you can watch more videos without your phone getting hot and dying. It increases longevity of the phone.

User Interface

The user interface provided by MX Player Pro is unmatched by any other video player. This is mainly because it is so organized and clear. It provides very clear categorization. You can create folders for different genres of movies and organize all your movies by their genres. Once you have done this, all the files are neatly organized within the folder according to your wishes. By organizing files in such a clear manner, you can save a lot of time. If this feature wasn’t there, one would have to spend a lot of time looking for the file they want.


The MX Player is one the very few players that offers themes to its users. This level of customizability shows the concern the developers have for user experience they provide. Users can choose from many different preset themes. This will ensure that the app stays fresh and does not get boring after some time. It also makes sure that you are not bound by a colour scheme that you might not be interested in. This shows that the developers care about your tastes and preferences over creating an identity for their app like face book’s iconic blue and white theme.


The MX Player allows viewers to control the video playback through many innovative controls. Using all fingers, curling up to a ball at the screen zooms or pans the video. Dragging up or down on the right increases volume and doing the same on the left increases the brightness. Similarly, the playback speed can be altered by dragging the screen with two fingers. One can also adjust playback position by dragging horizontally in the middle of the screen, as opposed to having to touch once for the controller to appear and then again to select position. This makes viewing easier.

Pro Version

The MX Player offers a pro version as well. This offers a few extra benefits over the regular app. The biggest benefit is that it removes advertisements. Nothing can ruin a movie viewing experience like ads. Even if they are just there in one corner, they take up real estate and your movie becomes smaller. Apart from this, all features remain the same. The free version has no functional restrains. So it might be wise to try the free version before buying the pro version especially considering how expensive the pro version is at over three hundred and seventy rupees.

MX Player Pro APK Download

Both the free and the Pro version are available on the play store and that is the safest place to download this app. However, if you choose not to, you can download it from the web. To do this, you can Google MX Player Pro APK, Find the APK and download it. After this, it will get installed and you can enjoy. In Conclusion, there is no doubt the MX Player Pro is the best video player on the market today It has many strong features which make it worth it.

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