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There are several famous Android games available in the market, among them, My Talking Tom APK is one of the most famous games available right now. Initially, this game started with talking an animated picture of a cat, you can repeat the words which you have spoken to the microphone and the output of the voice was in the funny one. This game is available in Android devices for far too long, eventually, the game upgraded with various extra features.

Now not only you can convert your conversation into a funny one, but you can also now play with the character named Tom and you can make his daily life easier in the game. Although the game is available for free for Android devices, few of the features and resources are available as in-app purchases. In this article we will talk about My Talking Tom Mod APK, the reason for using this version of the APK is that all of the in-app purchases are fully unlocked for free.

About My Talking Tom MOD APK

My Talking Tom mod apk

My Talking Tom Mod APK can be played in Android devices running on Android 4.0 or above. The objective of the game is to take care of the graphics character cat named Tom, you need to take care of him as good as possible. You need to feed him, bathe him and even you need to make him sleep in order to complete various objectives available in the game. The most important thing about this game is that Talking Tom will respond to you as a normal person but in a simulated way.

What is My Talking Tom APK Mod:

My Talking Tom apk

Everyone likes to spend the time playing games on various devices, but not all games are easy to play in your android devices. There are several games available in the market for you to play and spend your past time. My Talking Tom MOD APK gives you the best experience of fun games in your Android device. Play with graphics character cat names Tom, help him to get through his daily life by helping him with various activities.

The most important thing is that this character even responds to your touching depending on the area you are touching on on his body. You can basically tickle him, slap him hard and various other things can be done to him in this game. Although these are the common features of the My Talking Tom Mod APK, the Mod version of the game provides you with all unlocked features along with all in-app purchases for free. This game is having more than 500 million downloads and among them, 100 million users are active in the Android platform.

My Talking Tom Mod APK is ranked as the number one game in more than 135 countries around the globe. This game can easily run in any smartphone hardware and does not consume much RAM or internal storage on your Android device. If your friends are also playing this game on their Android devices, then you can also check the status of their Talking Tom directly from your own application. You can even capture the screen videos in this application which is one of the unique features available for Android devices.

Features of My Talking Tom APK:

My Talking Tom apk download

These are the key features of the My Talking Tom Mod APK game for Android devices. Read the features carefully before installing this game in your Android devices.

  • This application is having several mini-games which can be played along with the main objectives in your Android device.
  • Screen capture and screen record your Android device using the game and share the video in various social media websites and applications.
  • Check the live status of the progress on the game of your Facebook friends and compete with them in the game.
  • You can customize the outlook of the graphics character cat named Tom, it is having more than a thousand items which you can use for giving a new look to the character.
  • Unlimited coins are available in the Mod version of the APK
  • Multiple activities are responded in a unique way by the graphics character, you can make him feel various emotions by various activities and touching done on the screen.
  • The basic objective of the game is to take care of the Tom by making him eat, cook for him to make him happy, play with him, entertain him, bathe him, make him go to sleep, wake him up and various other activities you can do with your character.
  • All the items unlocked in the MOD version of the game.
  • In-app purchases are also unlocked fully on the game for Android devices.

My Talking Tom MOD Apk Review:

my talking tom mod apk download

My Talking Tom Mod APK is one of our favorite game which is on the most recommended list for various users. The game is having a user rating of around 4.5 stars in the native app store of your Android devices. The size of the game is around 100mb and it does not take internal storage Android device. Using My Talking Tom MOD APK, most of the Android users make funny videos and share them in various social media website and applications.

The main reason this game became one of the most used and famous game in Android platform is that you can speak in the microphone in any language and it will repeat the same words but with a different and funny voice. The modded version of the game is having unlimited coins and all features unlocked which makes it is easier to play and progress in your game. We would definitely recommend you to use this game in your Android device in order to get entertained on your stressed life.

Steps to Install My Talking Tom APK Mod on Android devices:

These are the steps to install My Talking Tom Mod APK on your Android devices. Read the guidelines carefully before installing this game on your Android devices.

  1. Launch an internet browser on your Android device and click on the link provided below this article.
  2. This link will redirect you to the download page of my Talking Tom Mod APK for Android devices.
  3. Download both the My Talking Tom MOD APK and my Talking Tom MOD OBB from the link.
  4. It will take a few minutes to download for the files on your Android devices, the approx file size of both the devices is around 200 MB.
  5. After the files are downloaded in your Android device, locate the files using file explorer application on your Android device. You can get the files in the downloads folder of the internal storage of your Android device. You can even go to the same internet browser which you used to download these files on your Android devices.
  6. Tap on my Talking Tom Mod APK file to get installed in your Android devices.
  7. Now the Android device will ask you to enable the install from unknown sources option.
  8. Now follow the instructions shown on the screen of the Android device to get the apk file installed.
  9. Wait for few moments to get the My Talking Tom Mod APK file on your Android devices.
  10. After the My Talking Tom Mod APK file is successfully installed in your Android device, you will get to see the app icon on the app list of your Android device.
  11. Do not launch the My Talking Tom game on your Android device.
  12. Now once again use the file explorer application and locate My Talking Tom MOD OBB file.
  13. Copy the OBB file and go to the internal storage > Android > obb.
  14. Now in the OBB folder locate My Talking Tom folder.
  15. Paste the My Talking Tom MOD OBB file in that game folder.
  16. After the file is successfully paste the file in the location, go back to the app list of your Android device.
  17. Now tap on the My Talking Tom MOD from the app list of the Android device to launch it on your device.
  18. After my Talking Tom Mod APK is launched on your device, it will sync the OBB file.
  19. Connect your Android device with active internet connection in case the game required to download any missing files on your Android device.
  20. After downloading the missing files is completed, you can start playing the game on your Android device.

Download Link >> My Talking Tom MOD APK for Android devices.

Download Link >> My Talking Tom MOD OBB for Android devices

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FAQ’s on My Talking Tom MOD APK:

1) Is it safe to play the modern version of the games on our Android devices?

A: Yes, the developers who MOD the application or games do not provide any virus or malicious files for your Android devices. You can scan the Apk file using any anti-virus app to be safe.

We hope you were able to get all the premium features of My Talking Tom Apk for free. Let us know in the comment section if you face any issues download ting the app or have any doubts. Our team Phonecocktail will be happy to help all of you any time.

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