One More … Google Is Also Working On Foldable Screen


Google foldable screens

Foldable smartphones…the trend among manufacturers arouse a lot of excitement, especially since the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. It is not a surprising thing when we think about such an innovative device from Google.

Recently Google has filed a patent for an OLED display that can be folded “repeatedly” and intended to be a “modern computing device”. A patent for the least intriguing given that Google does not make its own smartphones, preferring to delegate production to Foxconn.

Two-Point Foldable Device At Google

Google foldable screens

If Google decides to produce such an OLED screen, then they can find an industrial partner able to produce this slab on its behalf. Anyhow….Let’s go back to the device. In its patent, Google details that its OLED screen must bend in two different places. The firm also describes its concept as “a folding device in Z“.

Google Not Mention A Foldable Smartphone

Interestingly, Google is far from clear that its projects are moving towards the design of a foldable smartphone itself. Instead, the group prefers to indicate that this dual foldable OLED screen is intended for a “computer device” … without further precision. It could be either a tablet or laptop, although Google’s strategy seems to be moving away from these two types of products.

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