OnePlus CEO Confirms They Are Making a OnePlus TV


OnePlus TV : Gone are those days when the Chinese manufacturing company OnePlus is always known for its premium OnePlus devices and killer features. The company is now reportedly making it’s way to the TV segment as well.

For a really long time, China’s OnePlus was all about great smartphones, wireless earphones and awesome backpacks. But now through a OnePlus online forums announcement, the company’s CEO, Pete Lau talked about launching a OnePlus TV.

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Well, there is no doubt that most of the tech giants are working their level best to make our homes smarter than ever. Hence, as a result, we have seen smart speakers, smart tv, smart lights and so on. Following to that OnePlus has decided to make its way to the smart home market by launching a TV. Since TV is the centre of home entertainment and with their brand name, they can easily capture the market.

However, according to Pete Lau’s teaser announcement, the OnePlus TV only is now a project name, and there are not so many information available about it. But what we do know that the company is going to launch the TV series in 2019.

It is also said that OnePlus smart TV will be developed by a new division within OnePlus, led by Pete Lau himself. And as of now the project is at the earliest stages of development. Also currently the company is asking for suggestions from its fans something that they always do.

In the end all we would say that this is one of the smart moves by OnePlus. Since we have always considered OnePlus for its top notch features and unbeatable pricing. We are most likely going to see the same thing with their TV launch. And in case if they manage to do so, they will be able to capture a great market.

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