OnePlus sold more than 1 million OnePlus 6 phones in 22 days


OnePlus has sold more than 1 Million units of the latest OnePlus 6 smartphone in just 22 days. This was announced by the CEO and founder of the company Pete Lau. Lau said that this benchmark was achieved in only 22 days of the release of smartphone. The previous release of OnePlus units took 3 months each to reach the milestone of 1 Million unite sale.

oneplus 6

Image Via : Technical Desk

Well, 1 Million sounds pretty high, but let us tell you that this number is very small as compared to the sales of smartphones like Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy which achieve thens of million of sales in the same amount of time where OnePlus 6 reached 1 Million mark.

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One drawback of OnePlus is that it is not easily available to consumers many times as compared to the popular companies like Apple and Samsung. OnePlus is sold directly to the users and they are not approved by CDMA networks, so big mobile network giants like Sprint and Verizon are out.

Also USA users have loyalty towards Apple so OnePlus is not any option to them. OnePlus 6 costs $529 which is very less as compared to iPhone but still loyal fan base are going to choose Apple over OnePlus.

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