This Couple Met Through PUBG & They Are Happily Engaged Now


Everyone is getting crazy for the game PUBG, It is on everyone’s mind. This game was released last year and it has gone viral, You will see people playing PUBG on all places, Be it Workplace, Parties, Cinema, School and more. A person usually spends around 2-3 hours everyday playing PUBG.

PUBG has mad a headline in it’s short span of life. It has made people go GA GA for the mobile game.

This Couple Met Through PUBG & They Are Happily Engaged Now

Also we have seen people doing PUBG Theme Pre-Wedding photoshoot.

pubg theme photoshoot

And recently a 11 year kid wanted the Game to get banned as he thought PUBG makes kids violent.

And now after all these news of the game getting banned and posts about it’s negative effects on kids and students, Let us tell you we have some interesting and amazing news for you about PUBG Mobile game.

A couple for egypt who recently met while playing PUBG gor engaged, Yes you read it right. Isn’t this lovely.


This beautiful couple got engaged on February 7 last week. It took them less than a year for the couple to fall in love.

We wanted to add more tweets and replies about this love on PUBG , but we honestly we don’t know how to read Arabic so we have not added more to it.

We hope to hear more news about couple falling in love while playing PUBG.

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