Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, Uncovered Details In The Largest Filtering Of Renders


Since many news on Samsung galaxy S10 came out….the rumors are still spreading out. Of course, we didn’t say much about it, but sure this post will reveal everything about Samsung’s wildest smartphone. Don’t worry, we still have 3 weeks to meet this legendary piece and it is a rival on all smartphones.

When we heard about Samsung galaxy S10 and S10 plus, the existence of Samsung Galaxy S10E is revealed in all angles. But the Korean firm plans to present the first two models on February 20 in San Francisco, and that is shown here without leaving anything to the imagination. Although several of its characteristics have been confirmed informally, here we have them clearly.

Camera Holes And On-Screen Scanner

To start, we can see the thinness of the frames in both models and, unfortunately for those who care about this type of detail, without symmetry between the top and bottom edges. We can see on both phones that the chin is slightly more pronounced than the top, leaving the screen slightly displaced upwards with respect to the front.

We can also see the front cameras, located in holes on the screen and arriving in two configurations. A simple for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and a double for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Both to the right of the screen, next to the upper right corner of the phones. A design choice that does not seem to evolve too much in front of the ‘notch’ but that we will begin to see very frequently in this year 2019.

On the back, both phones have the same configuration of triple cameras, so we do not expect differences between them beyond the resolution of each of the sensors. Centered, horizontally and at a distance from the top frame, thus following the design of the Galaxy Note 9, we have three lenses in each phone and the flash. By the brightness, we can guess that one of the lenses is a wide angle, specifically the one next to the flash. The filtered images do not show any type of fingerprint reader, which seems to confirm that it would have an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Available In Three Variant Colors

The filtered renders are also responsible for teaching them the colors of the phones. We will have the classic model in black, one in white or pearl gray and another in water green. In addition, it seems that the two models will share color, so the variations would be introduced, or not, in the Galaxy S10E that we do not see among the filtered images. We found that S10 in India costs nearly Rs.74,999 and S10 Plus is Rs.84,999. We already know that Samsung M series became popular and let’s see how this change the rush in 2019.

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