Samsung Will Launch The Galaxy M Series In India To Compete With Xiaomi


Samsung Galaxy M official images

2018 could have been a better year for Samsung in India, a market in which the technology giant has remained in the shadow of Xiaomi. Everything seems to indicate that the company is not willing to lose its leadership, which is why it hopes to counterattack with a new line of mid-range smartphones. We are talking about the launch of the Galaxy M series, a new range of economic terminals that will arrive in India on January 28 and will later be extended to the rest of the world.

As echoed from Reuters, the M series will be composed of three different smartphones that will be marketed through the Samsung website. In addition, they will also be available on Amazon thanks to the collaboration between both companies. According to Samsung, the objective pursued by the company with the launch of the M series is to double the number of online sales.

Samsung Galaxy M Data Sheet

Samsung Galaxy M data sheet

Considering the price and features of the Xiaomi terminals, Samsung’s move could help the company to compete more efficiently with the Asian firm. Specifically, the new Galaxy M terminals will start at approximately Rs.10,000 to Rs.18,000, depending on the model.

Undoubtedly, this is an interesting movement on the part of Samsung, which as we discussed a few lines above, will offer the Galaxy M range throughout the world. Even so, at the moment only the date and prices for India are known, so we will remain attentive to any developments.

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