Should PUBG Mobile Be Banned in India? Is That Chicken Dinner is a Trap?


PUBG Mobile game is the latest sensation in the gaming world and every youngster is seen playing PUBG with their friends. Now the problem is that, all the students going to college and school have stopped attending classes and lectures, Plus they don’t study for the exams as they are busy playing PUBG Mobile with their friends 24*7.

pubg banned in India

It has come into limelight that the national commission for protection of child rights has recommended a ban on PUBG mobile across the country. The NCPR has sent out a letter to all states recommending a ban on the game and implement it. The reason is pretty obvious, Kids are going crazy for the Chicken Dinner in PUBG and are spending sleepless nights just to have a gala time in the game along with their friends.

Kids are getting influenced by their friends as they see their friends playing the game, they also feel like playing the game right away, The game has become an addiction just like smoking or drinking where a person cannot control the urge.

Now the biggest question which comes up in our mind is why are kids allowed to carry mobile phones in their school? When we were kids we did not even know what mobile was and were having a chilled out time in the school playing around with friends all day.

Also, If kids are getting addicted to PUBG then what are their parents doing? Why are they not able to control them. Also, Parents should understand their kids and fix a time slot for their kids to play PUBG daily 2 hours. This will not only bother their studies and also kids will be excited to play the game.

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