Spotify Premium APK Download (Mod No Root)


With the launch of Spotify Music in the Music streaming industry, Players like Sound Cloud & Google Play Music were shaken away as Spotify was winning the hearts and was becoming more and more popular amongst users. Spotify has 2 versions, One is the free version where you can stream any of your favourite music online buy comes with ads and few restrictions which can be removed only in the Spotify Premium version. In this post we have shared a complete guide on how to download Spotify Premium Apk for free and listen to your playlist all day without ads for free.

spotify premium apk download

This post can be useful to someone who wants to buy the premium service but wants to experience the fully loaded Spotify for more than time trial period time available in the App. It is always confusing as to which service you want to buy, Apple Music, Google Play or Spotify. So it is a great idea to use the free version with all features first and then choose wisely. You can buy the Spotify Premium version as it is not that much costly plus you can get the family version which will make it more secured and easy to share with family.

You will find albums of all the famous artists with their latest songs on Spotify and you can get to use all the features with the Spotify Premium Apk.

Here in this article we are talking about the Spotify modded APK which has all the premium features includes and guess what? You don’t have to pay anything for it, Everything is free of charge. We will also share the download link of Spotify Premium Apk at the end of the article for you. Also we assure you that the download link will be virus and spyware free. We always test the Apk before sharing it with our users.

Spotify No Root is required

The good news is that you will not have to root your device, It doesn’t matter if your smartphone is old or new, You can use this music streaming app for free without rooting your phone.

Spotify Premium Music App Features?

In this article we are going to tell you benefits of using Spotify Premium and reasons why you should not use the free or the regular version of the app.

1) Ad-Free Experience

Ads are very annoying when when you are listening to your favourite songs or watching videos and an Ad pops up. It is the most irritating thing that can happen to any person. Well if you use the Spotify premium then we are sure you will never have to see any ads in the app. This means the premium version of app is ad free. Here you are going to use the moded version of the app so no ads will be displayed and you can enjoy your music without any intruption.

2) Listen Offline / Listen Anywhere

As you know that in premium version of the app you can access to unlimited songs and play them as many times you want. Also do you know you can download any songs you want to in the premium version. The best thing is that you can download the song of any country and save it in your phone anytime you want to. Once you have downloaded the song, you will not have to re-download it if you go to any other country again which is not possible in the free version of the app.

3) Unlimited Downloads

This is the most popular and highlighting feature of Spotify Premium Apk. The premium version of the app has the ability to get unlimited downloads of your favourite songs. It does not matter how many songs you want, be it 100 songs or 10,000 songs, Spotify will let you download all the songs in the premium version. Songs in all the languages will be available.

4) Unlimited skips

Only the premium Spotify users have the ability to have unlimited Skips. Yes this feature is only available if you subscribe to the premium version. So this means you can breeze through as many songs you want until you don’t get to your favourite song. Keep skipping till you don’t find the song you want to play. This is the best feature Spotify has.

5) High-Quality Audio

This is one of the best feature and a big benefit for premium users to enjoy music in high quality audio. Yes the free version comes with normal 96kbps bit rate and the Spotify premium comes with a 320kbs bit rate. Just imagine the difference and you yourself will feel that 96kbps is too low.

Also we have shared a complete guide on how much data does Spotify use while playing music on high quality 320kbs bit rate. This will help you understand how Spotify functions and how much data you need in your mobile to use the premium app.

6) Unlimited Shuffle Play and Repeat

You will get unlimited times repeats and shuffle when you use the Spotify premium, so this means you can keep your favourite song on repeat mode all day without any restrictions which is not allowed in the free version of the App.

Download Spotify Premium APK (Android)

App NameSpotify Premium APK
Size38 MB
AuthorSpotify LTD
Required Android VersionAndroid 4+
Last UpdateJan 2018

Note : We advice you to use Lucky Patcher APK latest version to mod Spotify Music APK as it is the most easy and best process to get quick access to the Premium version.

How to install Spotify Premium APK Mod On Android

spotify apk

  • Like every other app you install in your Android smartphone, just download the Spotify premium APK file from the link that is given on our site.
  • Now you have to go to file explorer and browse the file that you downloaded from our site.
  • Now install the app.
  • Once the app gets install, tap on it and open the app.
  • You have successfully installed the modded Spotify premium app on your smartphone.
  • Register for a new account and if you have already registered then enter the details and login.
  • Once you login all the premium features will be available for you.

As the Spotify Apk is modded which means you will get all the features free of the premium app. Spotify has a very strong security features so you don’t need to worry about loosing any of your playlist.

If you feel that you are enjoying buying the premium version of Spotify, then don’t hesitate to buy it and ignore the moded version. We don’t believe in piracy. We have shared this article just for knowledge purpose for our audience.

Spotify Music not Available in your Country?

Spotify Mod APK is available only in limited countries. Spotify recently launched in India, So first check if the music streaming app is supported in your country or not. If it is not available in your country then use install VPN in your smartphone. To use Spotify APK just download any VPN app from Google Play Store and install it. Change your location to United States and you will be able to use the music. You can check our guide on Best VPN For Android which will help you in installing the best quality VPN on your Android device.

Note : Only for the first time you have to use VPN and set the location country to USA. Then next time you want to listen music you will not have to set country as it will be already set during first login.

Also we have shared top 10 Spotify alternatives if you want to try any other music streaming app.

How to get spotify premium for free No Internet problem resolved

spotify apk

People who live outside USA who use Spotify Hacked Apk might face the No internet problem. This is a common issue amongst users who are using Spotify APK for free on both the device iOS and Android can follow these simple quick steps to resolve the issue. You will have to carefully check your internet connection before you start doing the steps that are mentioned below.

Once you have checked of your internet connection is working or not, go to the next step and your issue will be resolved. Lots of people know that Spotify Free Premium is not available for all the country and is officially released for few countries only. So just check the steps below.

Below steps are for Spotify Android Users only

  • Open Google Play Store and then download VPN for Android or and other proxy application. You will find tons of famous VPS services like VPNZen Mate, AppBest, FlyVpn and more. You can choose anyone from the list.
  • Now install the VPN that you downloaded from Google Playstore. The apps which we have mentioned are free to use and you will not have to pay for it.
  • Now create a free account of VPN and login. Just use a new email account where you can get verification link.
  • Now that you have started using VPN with US IP address on your Android device, Turn off your internet and change your location in Spotify Premium Apk to US as the free service is available in United States.
  • Now enjoy free Spotify Premium

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FAQ about Spotify Premium APK

1) How much internet speed do you require to play music without buffering?

  • Currently all device use either 3G or 4G in their phone, so don’t worry, that much speed is enough to play music on Spotify.

2) Will I be charged for these services?

  • We don’t think so, but it is safe to use your un-original or fake credentials like secondary e-mail id, and other contact details.

3) Is this APP like other APKs or a module which requires custom root or ROM?

  • No this is just a simple moded apk file

4) What does Modded APK file?

  • Moded APK refers to the file which has all the premium features of an application which is not available for free. In moded apk all the features are free, you don’t have to play anything for this.

5) What Android version is needed?

  • You need to have Android Jellybean 4.1 (SDK 16) or above to use this application in your smartphone.

Kindly comment below if you have any doubts, our team will be happy to help you anytime.

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