You Could Soon Be Using Your iPhone To Unlock Doors with iOS 12


The next Worldwide Developer Conference 2018 (WWDC) is scheduled by Apple on 4th June where Apple will be showing off the release of iOS 12 and it’s next generation mobile OS. Last year it was noticed that multiple bugs and slow down of processor was discovered in the system and thus this year Apple has said that they are more focusing on fixing these issues in and making the next iOS more stable and faster.

It is expected that the iOS 12 will be a lot more stable than the pervious versions and a lot of improvement is expected to be made in the OS, A recent report hinted that Apple is bringing change to it’s Near Field Communication (NFC) chips which is embedded in present iPhones. All the iPhones after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have Near Field Communication (NFC) chips embedded but the only issue is that NFC is restricted by Apple only for Apple pay transactions.

unlock doors with iphone using near field communication

Image Via : Android Pit

Apple want’s it’s iPhone to be used in many different ways, such as virtual transit card for transportation or as a Hotel door key. These changes can be utilised in the CoreNFC framework which was introduced first in iOS 11 for iPhone. Currently some hotels allow iPhone to be used as room key to unlock the door, This is currently done through Bluetooth LE signal which is not as secure as NFC. “Apple employees are using this feature at Apple park to unlock the doors using their iPhone.

We all know that Apps which are not made by Apple have limited access to iPhone NFC chicp in iOS 11 which is going to be lifted in the next version which will let developers build more advance features in future. More details about the improved NFC ability in iPhone will be available at McEnergy Convention Centre in San Jose, next week when apple takes the stage.

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