WhatsApp Bug Lets Blocked Parties Message and View Status; Fix Being Rolled Out


WhatsApp users were literally confused as well as shocked when the Viral ‘Black Dot’ Message by which their app was getting crashed earlier this month. Now, A new bug has come up and this time the issue is quite serious, If you have blocked someone on Whatsapp, The blocked person is still able to send you messages, You will receive message from the person whom you have already blocked. Not only this, They will be able to see your status and also your Display Picture. This issues is faced by both Android and iPhone user, so it seems that this is a server side error.

whatsapp bug blocked contacts

This bug was first reported by the Independent, According to numerous reports on Twitter, A lot of Android and iPhone users have been affected by this bug. We have a Workaround for this bug. All you have to do is just unblock all the users you have blocked on WhatsApp and then again block them. You will no longer receive any message from them.

WhatsApp had introduced the block feature to keep unwanted people stay away from users and currently the scene is something else only. Just imaging, You getting a message from a blocked user. Some people will be happy as they will think that their Ex has unblocked them.

Also few users on iPhone and Android beta are seeing group calling activated on their mobile phone, Users who are using Android beta version 2.18.145 and WhatsApp iOS version 2.18.52 have reported this issue and also said they are able to see Add participant button once they make video call to a user in their phone book. It is learnt that WhatsApp is aware about this bug/issue and is already working on it and will be fixed shortly.


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