WhatsApp for Android Gets Media Visibility Feature, New Contacts Shortcut


A new update has come up of Whatsapp or Android which is called Media Visibility feature. As you can see the name, This feature will allow you to show or hide Whatsapp media content in your phone gallery. The update is in beta version and has a shortcut option that makes it easy for users to add any new content from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Android Gets Media Visibility Feature

Whatsapp on iPhone already has this new contact shortcut already. With this new Media visibility feature, you will now be able to decide if you want to store the data that you have received in gallery or limit it to your WhatsApp only. So, if you disabled the Media visibility feature then none of the date that you have received on Whatsapp will be stored your gallery. Isn’t the a very cool feature.You will be able to view all the videos and photos that you have received in your Whatsapp even though you have disabled the Media visibility feature.

Media visibility feature is by default enabled on Whatsapp beta version but you can disable it anytime you want by turning off the shoe media in gallery option in Whatsapp by going to Settings –> Data and storage usage. Though you have disabled the feature in your Whatsapp, you can still access the images and videos through a file manager app.

Along with Media visibility feature, the new beta version of Whatsapp for Androud has new contact shortcut feature where you can quickly add new contact to without quitting Whatsapp. You will find new message button on the right side of the chats screen, just press it and your work is done. It will be next to the new group option. iOS users already have this new shortcut feature available in their Whatsapp

You can get hands on experience of this new WhatsApp feature by downloading latest WhatsApp beta version on your Apdroid phone. You can get it through Google Play Beta Programme or in Apk file from Apk Mirror.

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