WhatsApp New Update Allows Users to Lock it Behind Face ID or Touch ID


A new update has hit WhatsApp and this one is going to be a very important one, From now on your conversations will stay safe from prying eyes. This new WhatsApp update is related to the Touch ID and Face ID which will only be available to the iOS app only at the moment but later on Android user will get to use this feature.

WhatsApp New Update Allows Users to Lock it Behind Face ID or Touch ID

It seems team WhatsApp have decided to add an extra security layer for everyone using this app and feel insecure about their chat and conversations being safe which now allows users to lock the app behind Touch ID or Face ID. To get hold of this new security feature, just go to the setting in your iOS device then Account / Privacy and then enable Screen Lock.

Once you enable the Screen Lock, Every time you want to use WhatsApp you will be asked with the Touch ID or Face ID. If you are addicted with WhatsApp then this feature might get you pissed off as every time you will have to unlock your WhatsApp when you receive a new message. Touch ID seems fine as you usually use your thumb as your screen lock and can use it to open all the apps but Face ID will be quite irritating to use all the time.

Also keep one thing in mind, Even when you use screen lock for WhatsApp, you will still get notifications of latest messages in the preview of your home screen in iOS device. Also, one good news is that you will still be able to use quick reply feature in iOS without Face or Touch ID.

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Let us know what you think about the latest Face and Touch ID feature in WhatsApp.

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