WhatsApp Spotted Testing Mark as Read, Mute Buttons for Notifications


With each new update, WhatsApp has introduced many new features, and the most modern one is the new ‘Forwarded’ label that will affix on all the WhatsApp message that forwarded to you. It helps you to find that your contacts have written the message by own or they have sent the message of someone else.

This new feature of WhatsApp helps to minimize the circulation of spam and fake news on this social media platform. Even in Android beta version, you will spot a new feature that enables the user to mark their chat as read for notification panel itself. User can’t access this feature as it is still under development.

WhatsApp Spotted Testing Mark as Read, Mute Buttons for Notifications

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is currently working on a ‘Mark as Read’ feature for the notification center, which will enable users to mark as a read any message from the notification center itself, without opening a chat or an app.

At present, the notification panel shows the ‘Reply’ tab below a WhatsApp message, but the Mark as Read tab will also come soon with a new update. This feature potted in WhatsApp Android beta version Android 2.18.214, but the users can’t see it. As this feature is under development, it can’t be accessible at present. But hopefully, you don’t have to wait for more to get this feature on your device.

With the Mark as a reading button, WhatsApp is also working on a “Mute” button for the notification center, so a user can mute a chat from notification panel and without opening an app. WABetaInfo has shared a look of ‘Mark as read’ button as a screenshot, but they don’t have an image of the Mute button.

WhatsApp is also testing a new Suspicious Link Detection feature to restrict spam circulation. It will also help users identify questionable links available within their WhatsApp messenger.

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